Why Choose the White Label Solutions of the Red Panic Button

The Red Panic Button white label solution for companies, NGOs and authorities is becoming increasingly popular as of late – mostly because it represents a 1-click emergency alternative to your personalized needs. With more and more unfortunate events occurring all over the world, our RPB white label corporate solution may represent the answer you were looking for when it comes to emergency services, safety measures, search and rescue operations and so on.  Read More


How to Keep Your House Safe from Fires

Nobody likes to hear this, but our homes are very exposed to household fires every single day. You cook every day, all your appliances work in the same time, and you use plenty of methods of heating in winter or cooling down in summer.

Even if you use the latest and safest electronics, it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Let’s see today a few tips, tricks, and information to help you keep your house safe from fires! Read More


5 Care Tips for Overprotective Parents

Maybe “overprotective” is a strong word here – after all, a lot of bad things happen in the world recently and children are extremely vulnerable to almost any danger that crosses their path.

While modern parents do tend to exaggerate sometimes with safety precautions, it is true you cannot be too safe, especially when the kids are young and exposed.

Luckily for everyone, technology helps us a lot in keeping an eye on them – even from a distance – and make sure nothing happens to them when you are not together. Read More


How to Choose Your in Case of an Emergency Person

Choosing the right emergency person and having that person ready to jump in whenever you are in trouble may be one of the smartest things you do in your life.

According to specialists in safety and personal security, listing an emergency contact may save your life in a great number of ways and situations. But who to choose and what criteria do you have to follow in making the best choice?

Let’s take a look at what experts have to say about it! Read More


What to pack in a first aid kit when traveling

A first aid kit for travel is a mandatory piece of your luggage.

No matter if you book an all-inclusive vacation or you begin a self-discovery journey discovering nature, that kit will keep you safe from troubles. Even a city-break or a road trip can put you in the situation of needing immediate first aid.

One argument in the favor of such kit is that when you travel abroad, you may not find there the medication you need (they have other names or you can’t get them without local prescriptions). A cold or an injury may not seem much when you travel, but isn’t it better to be safe than sorry? Let’s take a look inside that travel first aid kit and see what it should contain! Read More


How to Keep Your Mobile Phone Safe When Traveling

We have talked a lot about travelers’ safety tips and tricks, but today we are going to take things to another level. How many thoughts have you given to how to keep your mobile phone safe while you travel? How concerned are you with your data security while en route? Let’s see a few recent statistics and some travel tips to take to heart next time you go on that business trip or vacation! Read More


15 Safety Tips Female Business Travelers Need to Know

Despite all the advancements this world has made in gender equality and human rights, women all over the world still have to take action to protect their rights and their safety.

According to a World Health Organization study from 2016, one in three women worldwide will experience either physical or sexual violence in their lifetime.

Female business travelers are somewhat more vulnerable when they visit foreign countries and today we will give you a quick reminder of safety measures to take as provided by international experts. Read More


15 personal security tips to follow in all situations

We don’t live in the safest of worlds and it is always better to prevent than to cure, isn’t it?

We have plenty of resources to learn how to keep our homes safe and how to make all our travels secure. But how about daily, run-of-the-mill safety?

We usually don’t think that something bad would happen to us every day we go to work for instance – as it would drive us mad – but some precautions don’t hurt. Let’s see 15 simple personal security tips to keep in mind every day. Read More


5 Trendy and Very Useful Apps to Have Right Now

Do you have a new phone and you want to make the best of it? Besides the common apps you use, the tech world is offering us a myriad of useful apps to make our lives easier, faster, more comfortable, safer and practical. Available on iOS and Android, for your convenience, the next apps in our list are not only trendy, but also fully functional and incredibly useful. So let’s see how to get things done faster and more efficient! Read More


5 Tips you need to know about workplace safety

When it comes to workplace safety, many believe it’s the company’s responsibility to take care of the people working there no matter what. And what can happen at the workplace besides an occasional fall or finger cut while you are in the kitchen? However, reality shows with statistics that home and workplace accidents and workplace extreme events do occur and they are almost always out of your employer’s control. Read More

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