Why Choose the White Label Solutions of the Red Panic Button


Why Choose the White Label Solutions of the Red Panic Button

The Red Panic Button white label solution for companies, NGOs and authorities is becoming increasingly popular as of late – mostly because it represents a 1-click emergency alternative to your personalized needs. With more and more unfortunate events occurring all over the world, our RPB white label corporate solution may represent the answer you were looking for when it comes to emergency services, safety measures, search and rescue operations and so on. 

1. Minimize delays with 1-click emergency alert

If you take a look at the South American case study we provided here, you will soon learn that governments and national authorities are embracing the Red Panic Button white label solution as an enhancement to their emergency system and services. In order to fight against street crime, violent attacks or other felonies, the Police integrated the Panic Button into their national emergency system. With only one push of the Panic Button the law enforcement can quickly learn where a crime is taking place and who is the person placing the panic signal. In other words, authorities can respond faster and more accurate.

2. Integration with offline maps and GPS devices to provide the address without internet connectivity

Transportation companies are the ones benefiting the most from this feature of the Red Panic Button app. A Canadian trucking company chose a personalized Red Panic Button white label solution to make their transports safer for their employees and wildlife as well. Driving for thousands of miles and crossing remote areas is not always a breeze, as accidents do happen, people get lost, the weather conditions disrupt normal traffic and wild animals can cause several problems while roaming free on national roads. Integrating the Red Panic Button in their tracking system of all transportation, the Canadian company allows the drivers to signal (even if there is no internet connection in some areas) every emergency situation they get into, be it a truck problem, an accident, getting lost or the presence of wild animals disrupting the traffic.

3. Alert unlimited contacts or institutions

Such a feature is of great importance for medical care providers, student campuses, NGOs concerned with the safety of people with disabilities and so on. If you choose our white label solutions, we will be able to create a customized version of the Red Panic Button to integrate in your everyday life. For instance, students in a campus can send a distress signal via the Red Panic Button to the campus police or teachers, their parents, local police or medical emergency providers. Similarly, a medical care provider can choose such a white label solution to offer more security to its patients. Nursing homes and rehab centers (but also shelters, private care institutions etc.) can easily integrate this security measure. In case something goes wrong, the patient can alert not only the professionals working in the medical care facility, but also their family members or legal care providers.

In a world threatened by violence and street crime, authorities, public and private institutions and companies are becoming more and more aware of the importance of quick, efficient, easy-to-use hi-tech safety solutions. The white label Red Panic Button app can answer all your needs and provide you with extra security for your employees, beneficiaries, collaborators and so on.

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