5 Trendy and Very Useful Apps to Have Right Now


5 Trendy and Very Useful Apps to Have Right Now

Do you have a new phone and you want to make the best of it? Besides the common apps you use, the tech world is offering us a myriad of useful apps to make our lives easier, faster, more comfortable, safer and practical. Available on iOS and Android, for your convenience, the next apps in our list are not only trendy, but also fully functional and incredibly useful. So let’s see how to get things done faster and more efficient!

1. Pacifica – keep your mood elevated and your stress low

Who thought we would live a day where an app would help us keep track of our moods, emotions, and cognitive patterns? Pacifica is completely free and available for both Android and iOS. It helps you relax and manage stress, follow some meditation guidelines, set goals, identify negative thought processes and boost your mood every day.

2. Hopper – get the cheapest flight available

Now there are plenty of websites and portals trying to help you get the cheapest flight possible. But how about having an app notifying you when the prices drop or when you have to buy the ticket right now, as it is at its lowest price possible? If you are a frequent traveler and you need to permanently be updated on flight tickets’ prices, hopper is the solution for you. The app is free and available on Android and iOS.

3. Allrecipes’ Dinner Spinner – the reversed cook book we have been all waiting for

Do you know all those days and dinner nights when you simply have no idea what to cook? Do you have those moments when you read a food recipe and you realize that in order to make it you need plenty of money and many trips to the market? Allrecipes’ Dinner Spinner is the reverse cookbook we all need in our life. Instead of offering us pre-made recipes, it helps us create new recipes with the ingredients we already have in the fridge and pantry. Enter the ingredients you have and the time you have for cooking and the app will offer you a new recipe to try. The app is free and available for iOS and Android.

4. Splitwise – never fight about money and bills again

Splitwise is a very smart app helping you to keep track of the bills you split with roommates, friends, spuse, family members and more. The app allows you and your closed ones to split household bills like utilities, Internet, cleaning costs etc and also keep track of money lent and borrowed during night outs, road trips, cinema night, and so on. An especially useful app for students and roomates or for large families splitting living costs. The app is free for Android and iOS.

5. TaskRabbit – find help anytime you need it

Did it ever happen to you to have a water pipe burst on a Saturday night and have no one to help you control and fix the damage? Did it ever happen to you to need a hand to fix something around the house and not find the proper service or a comfortable price range for such services? Welcome TaskRabbit! The app helps you find people in your neighborhood who will take care of everyday tasks for you – all you have to do is describe the task and choose someone from a list of qualified and vetted “Taskers.” The “Taskers” come with reviews from clients who used them and they usually perform services less expensive than you would normally find on dedicated websites and portals.

Also, is really helpful to have a personal security app like the Red Panic Button. You may never know when you will need to get help at the touch of a button on your phone or on a wearable device like iWatch or Pebble. You can download and install it on your personal devices or you can recommend it to a friend or even in the work place for a extra safety measure for those working in special conditions.

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