What to pack in a first aid kit when traveling


What to pack in a first aid kit when traveling

A first aid kit for travel is a mandatory piece of your luggage.

No matter if you book an all-inclusive vacation or you begin a self-discovery journey discovering nature, that kit will keep you safe from troubles. Even a city-break or a road trip can put you in the situation of needing immediate first aid.

One argument in the favor of such kit is that when you travel abroad, you may not find there the medication you need (they have other names or you can’t get them without local prescriptions). A cold or an injury may not seem much when you travel, but isn’t it better to be safe than sorry? Let’s take a look inside that travel first aid kit and see what it should contain!

1. Prescriptions and First Aid Medication

If you are under a certain treatment or you suffer from certain condition requiring medication, you should take your prescriptions and medication along. Make sure you have the generic names of your medicine with you and that your daily medication clears customs – as not all drugs, no matter how harmless they are, may not clear customs. If you travel with kids, make sure you take their prescriptions and meds along as well.

2. Digital Thermometer

A one-click, digital thermometer, packs easily, reads quickly and keeps your state of health in check at all times. Instead of getting sick and helpless in a foreign place, it is better to pack this small and useful medical device.

3. Injury Basics

These are very important and you should never forget about them even if you are going to spend your vacation in a 5 stars hotel abroad. You need disinfectant, bandages, powder or cream to dress a wound and promote its healing. Band-aids should also find room in your luggage.

4. General Medicine Basics

Being responsible for your health means taking along some basic medicine to prevent and intervene in some stressful situations. This means packing your favorite brand of pain relievers, antacid, anti-diarrhea and a preferred sleep aid (in case you need it). If you plan a longer vacation, you may also need some cold-preventing medicine like throat pills and fever reliever.

5. Other Basics

Never forget your sunscreen, tampons or pads, a pack of ear plugs, the usual daily cosmetic products (in small quantities, however, you don’t need to pack piles and piles of bottles, boxes, or recipients), an extra pair of glasses or contacts, and so on.

You can keep you and your loved ones safe while traveling by packing a simple, yet very useful travel first aid kit. What else do you pack in terms of first aid when you travel for business or for pleasure? What can you add to this list?

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