The App

What Does the Red Panic Button Do?

The application enables users to push a central button and allow immediate contact with various emergency services, providing instant details of your location.

Main Communication channels

Main Communication channels - Red Panic Button

SMS Panic Message

By pushing the Red Button the application will send your current position and address (in the form of a Google Maps link) to all the numbers found in your panic contact list, not only a single person as the case with standard SMS. Such list can be a true life saver in difficult

The E-mail Panic Message

Similar to the SMS Panic Message, the E-mail panic message sends your current location to the people in your emergency contacts list. The iOS platform also allows you to send supplemental information (i.e. the local time when the position was taken from the GPS). You can also customize both the body and the subject of the email with the help of the application.

The Twitter Panic Message

The app allows you to post in real time a panic tweet to your entire list of friends and followers, revealing your current address and a Google Maps link. This is probably one of the most “viral” methods of disclosing your locationto a large number of people if you find yourself in a dire situation. The app is linked to a Twitter Panic feature, so your friends will know you need assistance.

The Address Message

People who receive a panic message from you should be able to respond as quickly and as efficiently as possible. This is why the app also sends your latest acquired location address to them.


Some of the most appraised smartwatches like the Apple Watch, Android Wear and Pebble or the Bluetooth Panic Button which is a wearable button, also support safety-entered apps like the Red Panic Button. There are countless of distress situations when you can’t (or you are not recommended to) use a smartphone, even if you have the Panic Button installed on it. A proper smartwatch allows you to discretely and efficiently make use of the app and send a distress message (containing an alert and a GPS location) to your preset list of emergency contacts. A group of people using the same app and smartwatches can stay close together and thus make any search & rescue or emergency intervention faster and easier… read more


Other Important Features You Benefit From

Important Features You Benefit From - Red Panic Button

The Emergency Dial

Sometimes you don’t have the time or the opportunity to choose between the several channels of communication allowed by the app, but you need to make sure your panic message gets through. In this case you have the Emergency Dial Feature: your phone dials the emergency number (which you can customize), while sending the panic messages via SMS, e-mail, Twitter in the same time.

Voice Recording

The app allows you to record a 10 second distress message. This feature helps you get your message in a more integrated manner. After you record your distress call, the audio file is attached to an e-mail and sent to your contact list.

Quick SMS

There are circumstances in which your device is unable to get your current position. The quick SMS feature works as a backup in such an event, allowing you to send a quick and customizable SMS message after 30 seconds. You can predefine a message and have it at hand to quickly send it to your contacts.

Remote Access

To further help your friends and family locate you, the app comes together with a remote access feature that allows the user who received your SMS panic message to get the latest position of the device that sent the message, thus closing in more on your location.

Send picture

The app automatically allows you to take a picture, using either the front or rear camera on your device, and send it as an attachment to an email message.

Send video

You can record a short video (using the front or rear camera on your device) and automatically send it as an attachment to an email message.


The Red Panic Button Specs and Perks

The Red Panic Button Specs and Perks - - Red Panic Button

Unlimited Number of Contacts

The premium app version allows you to add an unlimited number of contacts to your emergency contact list. This way, your distress call can reach any number of contacts.

International Prefixes

When roaming, it is common that your dialing options can be reduced due to the lack of an international prefix attached to the phone number stored on your device. In the case the numbers are not properly formatted for dialing when roaming, you can choose the country prefix and then send the message.

Multi-Sized Widgets

We provide widgets to minimize the steps required to send a panic alert. The widget can be installed on your touch screen on both Android and iOS devices. When used, it automatically sends the SMS panic message to your contacts list. This widget is one of the most important tools you can use when benefitting from the Red Panic Button application. It allows you to record a message and send a voice file, a picture file or a video file. You don’t need anything else, as the widget meets all your needs.

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