5 Tips you need to know about workplace safety


5 Tips you need to know about workplace safety

When it comes to workplace safety, many believe it’s the company’s responsibility to take care of the people working there no matter what. And what can happen at the workplace besides an occasional fall or finger cut while you are in the kitchen? However, reality shows with statistics that home and workplace accidents and workplace extreme events do occur and they are almost always out of your employer’s control.

While indeed the company is responsible for your well-being at the workplace, you should be aware that some safety measures need to be taken by you. Let’s see today a few tips and advice on how to make your professional life easier and more secure.

1. Drive Safe to and from the Workplace

You may neglect this, but plenty of car accidents happen when you go to the workplace or coming back from it. Tiredness, stress, divided attention, talking over the phone, speeding, sleep deprivation, and over work are the most common cause for fatal car accidents.

Be aware of the dangers you are exposed to if driving over the speed limit to arrive at work in time and be more than aware what exhaustion will do to you if you get in the car tired or stressed.

2. Don’t Neglect Fire Training and Escaping Drills

All companies have fire escaping maps on their walls, posted in visible places. But how many times did you actually pay attention to those maps or regular company fire drills? How many times did you actually think about fire training and escaping and how well do you know those exits?

People tend to neglect such things, considering they can’t happen to them – but they do, and when / if they do, you need to be prepared. Besides not panicking, you really need to know those escape routes and act on those fire training routines you have been taught.

3. Avoid Ergonomic Injuries

These type of non-fatal injuries are more common than robberies, specialists say. They are those unhappy occurences linked to your poor sitting positions at the desk, lifting of heavy objects and boxes (leading to back pain and other health issues), not having adequate lumbar support if you sit in a chair for prolonged periods of time, not stretching your legs and back every hour at the workplace, coffeine abuse, risks of loss hearing in manufacturing settings, risks of falls or slipping, and so on.

All these can be avoided if you keep yourself educated and aware of the health risks you expose yourself to by neglecting to take the appropriate safety measures.

4. Avoid Electrical Accidents

If you are the type of person fixing things around the house it doesn’t mean you should start fixing your company’s outlets, computers or other electrically-powered devices when they get broken. Electrocution at the workplace is a common risk and it occurs especially when people don’t know how to take the proper safety measures. In case some machinery gets broken at the workplace just call the electrician and don’t try to improvise or fix things in the lack of proper knowledge or skills.

5. Have Your Own Emergency Backup

Sometimes, as recent events showed us, we are not that safe at the work place. Extreme events can occur – earthquakes, explosions, fires, human attacks, and so on. The first thing one thinks about is calling the authorities and the emergency respondents. But sometimes the phone doesn’t work and search and rescue can be uncomfortably far away from you.

Have a backup and keep your Red Panic Button app close at hand. In case something bad happens, you can send a discrete distress call to a pre-set list of people to let them know you are in a dire situation and provide them with your exact GPS location. Such Panic App has saved plenty of lives before so you will feel better by just having it and knowing you have a backup.

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