White Label

Corporate Solutions

Our white label for organizations is the best 1-click emergency button solution customized for your personalized needs.

Since the launch of the Red Panic Button app years ago, large organizations contacted us asking how can they offer the Red Panic Button as an internal solution to their employees, clients or overall stakeholders. Based on their feedback, we built and now launched a white label version of the popular Red Panic Button system.

Main Features
  • Multiple localization technologies (GPS, Wi-Fi and GSM)
  • Integration with offline maps and GPS devices to provide address without internet connectivity
  • Five available alert channels: voice, SMS, Email, Facebook, Twitter
  • Send pictures/video/voice recording
  • Customizable pre-defined alert messages
Main benefits
  • Minimize delays with 1-click emergency alert
  • Improved chances of being located with redundant location and delivery channels
  • Alert unlimited and customizable contacts or institutions
  • Integration with your existing systems
  • Supports your existing brand identity

To discuss building a solution that will fit with your organization needs, contact us or email us @ info@redpanicbutton.com

Use cases

01-small Neighbourhood/campus watchOur White Label application will allow students, professors and employees to designate their own personal contacts in addition to campus security officials. Students can add their parents to give them peace of mind as they walk in campus at different times.
This application has the capability to add photos and texts and will enable users to report any suspicious activities on campus.

02-smallFreight Convoy
From a transportation company’s point of view, the application will allow drivers to alert both the company and the local Police at the push of a button in case of an emergency.
Our platform adds to monitoring systems by allowing a one-push button response that will enhances drivers’ safety in situations including hijackings, collisions, medical and weather emergencies.

03-smallMedical Care Provider
White label version can be tailored for any needs of a medical care provider. Therefore, the platform is very appropriate for Nursing Homes or any rehab services. The patient will only have to press the button and a signal will be sent.

04-smallInternational Assistance Organizations
In order to counter the lately increasing wave of crimes and violence, the government offered the citizens a practical solution to manage emergency calls in a faster and more efficient manner. The national emergency system integrated the Panic Button app. This mobile application allows people to send a quick and detailed distress call to the authorities without alerting criminals. With only one push of the Panic Button the law enforcement can quickly learn where a crime is taking place and who is the person placing the panic signal. In other words, authorities can manage all emergency signals with precision, being thus able to respond faster.

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