5 Care Tips for Overprotective Parents


5 Care Tips for Overprotective Parents

Maybe “overprotective” is a strong word here – after all, a lot of bad things happen in the world recently and children are extremely vulnerable to almost any danger that crosses their path.

While modern parents do tend to exaggerate sometimes with safety precautions, it is true you cannot be too safe, especially when the kids are young and exposed.

Luckily for everyone, technology helps us a lot in keeping an eye on them – even from a distance – and make sure nothing happens to them when you are not together.

1. Get Some GPS Apps for their Phone

You can get a free GPS app for your child’s phone – and pay a monthly fee if the app requires it. Such apps help you know at all times where your children are. Some apps allow you to check when your kids arrived at school or at a specific destination. If your kid meets up with friends they can confirm each other’s locations. Your kids’ location info is never shared with anyone else beyond the people who have permission to see it, and data is saved for later review.

2. Trust and Help the Authorities

The Federal Bureau of Investigation created an app where parents can upload pictures of their kids and other identification metrics (height, weight, hair and eye color, age, particular marks) for quick access if a child ever goes missing. The app also allows parents to shortcuts to dial 911 or the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. U.S.-based parents have plenty of chances to find their kids fast, especially because the app also offers them safety tips, checklists for what to do if something happens to the child, and detailed instructions.

3. Never Forget about Parental Control

As a parent, you know how many dangers are out there on the internet, so parental control is mandatory. Make sure you are aware what sites your child accesses, what games he plays and what information he can browse on any mobile device. There are plenty of sources of information on parental control and you should keep an eye on things. Stay informed, stay vigilant, and always explain to your child why some restrictions are there and why some aren’t.

4. Get a Proper Home Safety System

Children spend quite some time alone in the house until a parent comes back from work and they are exposed to plenty of dangers, including perpetrators or home accidents. If you install a performing video security system you can regularly check on your phone when you are away from the little one you will get your peace of mind. Also, if something truly happens, you will be able to call the proper authorities, alert the other parent or family members to quickly solve the situation.

5. Get the Kids a Panic App

Children can get scared by many things, but it is better to respond to their distress calls than to ignore them. A Red Panic Button app installed on their phones allows them to quickly send a distress message to a preset list of contacts only by pressing a big red button on the screen of their phones. The app sends the exact location of the child so you can intervene if he gets lost or if he is stuck in an insecure place or situation.

What other tips do you have for parents who can’t be too careful when it comes to their kids’ safety?

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