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What to pack in a first aid kit when traveling

A first aid kit for travel is a mandatory piece of your luggage.

No matter if you book an all-inclusive vacation or you begin a self-discovery journey discovering nature, that kit will keep you safe from troubles. Even a city-break or a road trip can put you in the situation of needing immediate first aid.

One argument in the favor of such kit is that when you travel abroad, you may not find there the medication you need (they have other names or you can’t get them without local prescriptions). A cold or an injury may not seem much when you travel, but isn’t it better to be safe than sorry? Let’s take a look inside that travel first aid kit and see what it should contain! Read More


6 Safe and Clean Countries to Travel to This Year

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner so it’s no surprise we get that “wanderlust” feeling and a need to discover new places and new cultures. There are plenty of amazing destinations to explore in the world, but are they all safe and clean countries worth to travel to this year? A recent report shows us the most beautiful, safe, hygienic even and comfortable countries to travel to this year alone or together with family or friends! Read More


Best Destinations for Solo Travelers

In this day and age traveling alone sounds frightening for men and women alike. With violence and attacks on the rise in many parts of the world, solo travelers are exposed to plenty of perils. However, expert solo travelers found there are plenty of destinations which are safe and great for those embracing the wonders of traveling all by themselves. Read More


City break season – safety tips when travelling to other cultures

No matter if you travel solo, with your partner or in a group of friends, staying safe is of paramount importance even in a short city break. Besides the terrible things that have happened to tourists visiting other cultures and countries (terrorist attacks and shootings come to mind), each destination has its fair share of petty crime you should steer clear from. Today we will take a quick look at some travel safety tips you shouldn’t ignore when you get ready for a city break to another culture. Read More


Keep in touch with your family when traveling abroad this summer

Taking a much-needed summer trip abroad with your partner, friends or by yourself is something to look forward to. No matter if you dream of an all exclusive exotic beach resort, or you take the uncharted path around the world, the excitement and the thrill of the journey are still the same. Of course, when you are leaving home, you need to make sure the family members are constantly updated to your whereabouts and plans while traveling abroad. Read More