How to Keep Your Mobile Phone Safe When Traveling


How to Keep Your Mobile Phone Safe When Traveling

We have talked a lot about travelers’ safety tips and tricks, but today we are going to take things to another level. How many thoughts have you given to how to keep your mobile phone safe while you travel? How concerned are you with your data security while en route? Let’s see a few recent statistics and some travel tips to take to heart next time you go on that business trip or vacation!

What if you lose your mobile phone?

Our mobiles seem to have become our lives. They store essential data about who we are and what we do, not to mention extremely sensitive data about our financials, traveling plans, and so on.

A recent study found that 85% of millennials are concerned with their mobile security while traveling. In case their phones get lost or stolen, they are extremely preoccupied with the fact that strangers may access their social media accounts and emails. From this to identity theft is just one small step, isn’t it?

The problem is that the same report found that less than 40% of the same millennials had mobile security solutions installed on their devices. Beyond the password, one can take care of his personal and public information and specialists in mobile security strongly advise we do so, no matter if we travel or not.

Unsafe travel practices

A staggering 60% of millennials share their travel plans on social media. From this point of view, baby boomers got things better: over 70% of the research group stated they would never share their travel plans on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Another unsafe practice is the use of public wi-fi. This is a danger in your own hometown, let alone when you travel. As awareness is concerned, it seems that millennials still don’t realize entirely what public wi-fi security breaches can lead to.

From this point of view, statistics show significant differences between millennials and baby boomers: 88% of millennials use free public wi-fi, but only 68% of baby boomers do the same. According to online security experts, these numbers are both too high.

Where do people lose their phones most when traveling?

It seems that tourists often lose their phones in restaurants, hotels and parks. Lose them or simply forget them on a table or a cabinet, it matters less. Since people surely have vulnerable information on their phones – information which is not protected by security measures, their entire life can be made available to anyone who wants to use a lost phone for nefarious purposes.

What to do for more safety for your phone?

  1. Backup all your data if you take your phone on a trip. It will keep you safe from cyberattacks or from people trying to use the phone if they find it after you lose it.
  2. Make sure you have your phone’s antivirus updated and running perfectly.
  3. Stick to secure wi-fi networks no matter where you are. What may look like a safe internet connection it may be in fact a “Man in the middle”, accessing everything on your phone.
  4. Keep your phone safe and hidden well when you travel. The lower the chances are to get stolen, the safer you will be.

What other tips and tricks do you use to keep your phone and personal information safe?

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