Who we are

Founded in August 2010 by a group of tech-savvy enthusiastic professionals, Ultimate Communication Software Ltd is a UK based Company focused on mobile-markets, near-shore operations, telecommunications and out-sourcing. By 2011 we were already collaborating with IT experts from several EU countries, thus gaining knowledge and experience in innovative tech solutions to meet the ever-changing technological needs of society.

Our contemporary world is shaped and reshaped daily by cutting-edge technologies and by the growing marketplace standards and requirements. Our company is ready to embrace the future and offer its clients pioneering solutions and new business models.

In our first year, we managed to develop an SMS Protection Application in order to use the Symbian technology (the Nokia mobile phones then-operating system) to achieve communication security via SMS. This project was later implemented to iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry platforms and devices. This major technological breakthrough was highly appraised by tech specialists, being listed as a finalist at the “Nokia Calling all Innovators Romania 2010” competition. The same year we participated to the Mobile Monday App Circus and soon after, in 2011, we qualified in the finals of the Webstock Awards. Also in 2011 we participated at the Eastern European Mobile Monday Developer Summit 2011.

We have always been focused on customer trends and business clients’ needs to stay competitive on the challenging markets they activate into. This is why our resources have been oriented towards fleet management solutions for our clients’ security, GPS tracking and software development for mobile platforms.

Technology can save our lives

We know that technology is more than a business enabler and enhancer; it can also be a life saver. While we invest in the development of new software products for corporate clients in different markets, we also address the global individuals who rely on technology to achieve better life quality standards. Besides our telecom and mobile solutions, we always keep in mind that people also need high quality products to live better lives.

One of our dearest projects is the Red Panic Button application – a project which took our company’s vision, mission and activity even further on the forefront of this new hi-tech era we all live in.

The question we had in mind was this: if technology can track and improve peoples’ health, if it can increase their quality of life, if it can save them time, effort and money, can it also save their life? What can we do to offer people all over the world a more secure way of living?

We all use smartphones and are familiar with iOS and Android platforms. If such operating systems allow users to find a cab or order pizza, can they also become veritable bodyguards? We found the answer in the fact that Android comes together with incorporated GPS services, allowing thus easy localization of a person, more than finding a correct address or reaching a destination. The importance of this seemingly mundane Android feature led us to the creation of the Red Panic Button – an app which allows a person in distress to signal for help.

People are usually uncomfortable to walk alone during the night or in suspicious places. Back in the day, women used to dial their local emergency number and keep their finger hovering over the “Call” button every time they had to cross a park, a narrow alley or an unknown neighborhood. There is enough violence in the world to make us all wary of crimes against ourselves or our loved ones.

The Red Panic Button Project

The Red Panic Button relies on GPS tracking and can be used discretely, so no perpetrator can find out you are sending your location details together with your distress call to the ones that can immediately react and intervene for your / your loved ones’ protection. By the end of the process of creating this application, we managed to bring a completely new product sporting features and functions inexistent to other similar apps on the market.

After developing the app for iPhone, the Red Panic Button project took new wings, having the team being interviewed on CNN. Its success led to its mentioning on Mashable, Canada News, USA Today Tech and even Wikipedia. Tech specialists and customers alike were impressed with the utility and versatility of our app – our company was soon rewarded with the “App of the day” Award by Komando.

This convinced us to temporarily offer the app for free and users worldwide became more and more interested in our company’s outsourcing services and mobile applications. Several UK and Canada based companies turned into reliable partners, collaborating with us to further develop several successful publication and customization projects.

We are committed to technology itself and to all our customers. And while we develop better business solutions for our corporate partners, we are also working hard on providing you with the best apps to keep you and your loved ones safe.