Case Studies

The Construction Worker Who Got Saved Just in Time

J. B. is a construction worker passionate about his job and always giving his 110% to the company he is working for. But one day, during the night shift, J.B. was the victim of an accident. A fallen metal beam trapped him underneath, with no possibility of getting himself free. Injured and in a world of pain, he reached his phone and used the Red Panic Button application. His colleagues were working on another construction site and couldn’t hear his initial cries of help.

His situation would have been tragic without the Red Panic Button, as the night’s chilly temperature, the open hemorrhage and the pressure of the beam upon his body would have likely killed him until his colleagues would have arrived at his location. His family would have slept peacefully through the night knowing he was at work, so they would have been worried about him only the second day.

However, once he pushed the Red Panic Button, his hopes of getting saved in time rose, as he sent a panic SMS message to all his coworkers who were on shift. They received the message together with J.B. coordinates and rushed over the accident site. The strong men managed to lift the metal beam and free the trapped worker, while the ambulance was on its way. This is how things looked from one of J.B.’s colleagues who helped him reach to safety:

Trapped under a fallen metal beam, 4 working in the company at night shift, and without Red Panic Button app, he would have been under that metal beam for at least 2 hours without anyone knowing. Lost a good bit of blood, but he is on the mend now. (Dermot W. Foley – online testimonial)

The Woman Who Dodged the Bullet

Marissa was going back home from a meeting with her friends on a Saturday night. After dinner, drinks and dancing, she decided it was about time to leave the party and go home to rest. She hailed a cab on the street and gave the driver her home address. A few minutes later, looking out the window, Marissa realized she wasn’t on her usual and familiar route to her house. Without panicking, she asked the driver what road he chose, as she didn’t recognize the landscape or landmarks, but the man answered her in a vague manner about taking a shortcut to avoid traffic and jammed intersections.

Marissa didn’t quite believe what she was hearing, so she discretely took the phone out of her purse and used the Red Panic Button, sending an SMS to her friends and her family members. She didn’t want to warn the driver of her intentions to ask for help, as she was scared he might become violent. At the next traffic red light, she didn’t wait to see where the driver was taking her for real and jumped out of the car. Moments later, she encountered a search party composed of her brother and two of her friends as they had her last location transmitted by the app. Marissa still doesn’t know what the driver’s intentions were and why he had taken her to an isolated neighborhood with a bad reputation, but she doesn’t want to know. The place her brother and her friends found her was far away from the address of her apartment and from that night on, Marissa considers that the Red Panic Button saved her life.

The Woman Who Survived Against All Odds

Kimber B.R. suffers from an arterial disease which causes her arteries to bleed randomly, endangering her life. The past year, she went through a terrible health crisis when she had a random internal bleeding which almost killed her while she was alone in her apartment. She couldn’t stand or talk so calling an ambulance was out of the question. It took a miracle to be found and taken to the hospital as she was losing consciousness. Aware of the fact that her illness could manifest randomly at any given time, she installed the Red Panic Button on her phone. The app saved her life as she had a relapse and her internal hemorrhage stroke back. In Kimber’s own words:

Last summer, symptoms of internal bleeding reappeared. My blood pressure was much too low. I pushed the panic button. Notices were sent out. An ambulance arrived and so did my husband and our daughter. Due to Red Panic, I got to the hospital fast enough to get the hemorrhaging under control and avoid permanent brain injury, stroke, another prolonged hospitalization, ventilation, intubation and so on.