Keep in touch with your family when traveling abroad this summer


Keep in touch with your family when traveling abroad this summer

Taking a much-needed summer trip abroad with your partner, friends or by yourself is something to look forward to. No matter if you dream of an all exclusive exotic beach resort, or you take the uncharted path around the world, the excitement and the thrill of the journey are still the same. Of course, when you are leaving home, you need to make sure the family members are constantly updated to your whereabouts and plans while traveling abroad.

In today’s hi tech world, we have plenty of communication means to let our loved ones know that we are having plenty of fun while vacationing. From Facebook statuses to Skype calls, from teasing Tweets to Snapchat pictures or WhatsApp chat, it seems that nothing gets in our way and our goodwill messages will always reach their destination.

But unfortunately, traveling abroad for a summer vacation comes with risks we would have never thought about a few years ago. The sad truth of our world is that we are not completely safe in the face of immediate and unforeseen dangers – from catastrophic climacteric events, to human misdemeanors. So what do we do when we find ourselves in a dangerous situation, out of our country and far from the people who might help us get through a rough patch?

Some unpredictable events don’t leave us enough time or space to reach our laptops and our communication devices, let alone write detailed emails or make international calls to one’s home to let them know what is going on.

The app that can make all the difference

Keep in touch with your family when traveling abroad this summer

Not so long ago, large group of international tourists were enjoying themselves at the seaside of a sunny European country when sudden heavy rains turned into a harbinger of destruction and death in mere moments. The flood affected an entire area, keeping people trapped, scared and cut off from the rest of the world for days. One tourist, however, managed to overcome the obstacles (lack of electrical power, flooded roads, damaged phone landlines, wi-fi and mobile communication malfunctions etc) and send a panic message to her family. She used the Red Panic Button phone app – a simple but efficient tool which helped her send the coordinates of her exact location, letting people back home where she was.

In distress situations information is of absolute essence

Being alerted by the Red Panic Button message, Alesia’s parents learned that their student daughter was in need for help together with the friends she was traveling to. Moreover, they quickly learned where she was and decided what to do to respond to her cry for help. They alerted the authorities and took the first flight to that particular destination. Needless to say, Alesia was among the first tourists to receive direct help from her close ones, thus being able to aid and comfort the other tourists until the authorities managed to find them proper solutions to leave the affected area.

A flood, a highway accident, a robbery, an attack or a massive threat can happen while we travel. Being in a foreign country makes things even harder, but the Red Panic Button proved time and again its usefulness in stressing situations. And for our own safety and for the sake of our families who wait for us to come back home happy and rested from our trips, the Red Panic Button is the simplest and most efficient solution to signal our distress, increasing our chances to be searched, found and helped in due time.

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