City break season – safety tips when travelling to other cultures


City break season – safety tips when travelling to other cultures

No matter if you travel solo, with your partner or in a group of friends, staying safe is of paramount importance even in a short city break. Besides the terrible things that have happened to tourists visiting other cultures and countries (terrorist attacks and shootings come to mind), each destination has its fair share of petty crime you should steer clear from. Today we will take a quick look at some travel safety tips you shouldn’t ignore when you get ready for a city break to another culture.

Learn about the culture beforehand

Some cultures and attitudes are familiar to us, but others need to be understood better if you want to make the best out of your vacation.

  • Learn about that country’s take on women wearing skirts or casual clothes for instance
  • Learn about that culture’s customs and behaviors regarding foreigners.
  • Before you leave make sure you are aware of the safety zones in a city and of the local warnings related to the places you shouldn’t visit at night.
  • Make sure you know the rules of what is considered proper and inoffensive behavior towards the locals.

Cover as many safety actions as you can

Once you arrived to your destination, remember that anything can happen, so you need always be vigilant and take some extra safety measures

  • Never leave home without a travel and health insurance
  • Keep your belongings safe and protected – don’t take everything you own with you while visiting a city and keep your cash and personal documents as hidden as possible.
  • Take a cab company you know is safe and has positive reviews instead of walking on foot in isolated neighborhoods or during the night
  • Book a room in a lively part of town where you can ask for help quickly instead of searching for accommodation in isolated neighborhoods
  • Scan all your documents and keep them safe on your laptop, phone or a cloud storage service in case the originals get lost or stolen
  • Always have extra money in case something happens and you need a financial cushion to fall on.
  • Always respect the local rules and safety warnings related to places you shouldn’t go alone, neighborhoods you should avoid, and services you shouldn’t contract and so on. Being safe also means to make sure you are not tricked or conned.

Keep in touch with friends and family

Don’t keep your close ones in the dark regarding your travel plans. With so much free tech around, you can make a schedule and let everyone know where you are and what you do. This way, in case something happens, your family and friends can come to your aid.

  • Use social media to let everyone know about your whereabouts
  • Chat with your family regularly on Skype or email – if you miss such an online meeting without previous warning, they will know something happened.
  • Install the Red Panic Button app on your phone – in case you are in distress, the Panic App will send your emergency contacts’ list a message containing your panic alert together with your GPS coordinates. In case you get separated from the group you travel with, they will be able to alert the authorities and come to your rescue fast and efficiently. The app can be used if you get lost in the city or if you end up in a stressful situation and need assistance.

Travelling is an amazing experience, but staying safe is the smart way to go. Some people had traveled the world far and wide without any incident, while others have been robbed in their five stars guesthouse. You never know what might happen, so it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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