6 Safe and Clean Countries to Travel to This Year


6 Safe and Clean Countries to Travel to This Year

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner so it’s no surprise we get that “wanderlust” feeling and a need to discover new places and new cultures. There are plenty of amazing destinations to explore in the world, but are they all safe and clean countries worth to travel to this year? A recent report shows us the most beautiful, safe, hygienic even and comfortable countries to travel to this year alone or together with family or friends!

1. Spain

With its rich history, amazing scenery, long stretches of picturesque coastline and cities which are thriving hubs of culture; Spain is considered the safest countries to travel to this year and one of the cleanest ones. The coastline and the city of Barcelona (impressively friendly with pedestrians and tourists traveling with children) are the top favorite Spanish destinations of specialists in 2017.

2. Japan

Japan boasts 20 World Heritage sites, including the ancient monuments at Kyoto and the Himeji castle, a vibrant and amazing capital and scenery of a beauty beyond belief. The safety and the cleanness of the country put it among the top favorite travel destinations in the world last year. In 2017, Japan keeps its position of one of the most interesting, safe and friendly countries on the globe. While crowded in some parts, there is little to no worries related to hygiene or health safety.

3. Australia

Far but fascinating, Australia attracts millions of tourists every year. Either you are into the discovery of nature or the vibrant life of Australian cities, the country is a small wonder one should experience at least once in a lifetime. Famous for its climate, huge array of natural resources, culture, entertainment and wildlife, Australia has some miracles for you to discover. Don’t miss the Great Barrier Reef, Kangaroo Island, or cities including Sidney, Melbourne and Perth.

4. Italy

A veritable European gem, Italy has to be thoroughly visited, tasted and seen in all its beauty and glory. A cradle of history, culture and art and a natural wonder in and out of itself, Italy is considered safe enough and clean enough to be traveled by solo explorers or people with kids. The fifth most visited country in the world Italy loves its visitors and can’t wait to enchant them with its picturesque beaches or mountains, its energetic cities, its fashion, cuisine, art, history and religion and especially with its atmosphere.

5. Canada

Incredibly safe and clean, Canada is a small patch of Paradise for those who want to run far away from the madding crowd and find inner peace. Majestic, wild natural scenery, a multitude of cultures, an interesting history, some culinary wonders and urban gems such as Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver – this is how Canada can be described for all those wanting a true unique travel experience.

6. Singapore

A city-state known for its draconic lawn on cleanness and safety, Singapore is a health, cultural, historic and entertainment hub, attracting over 15 million tourists every year. A blend of cultures, religions, traditions and modern life, Singapore is one of the safest, most enticing travel destinations in the world.

No matter if you travel solo or with family / friends, make sure you take some precautions no matter how safe and clean the country is labeled. Keeping in touch with the ones back home, having a Panic Button app close at hand and respecting the local rules of health and safety are the minimal prerequisites of an unforgettable vacation this year.

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