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Safety Tips, Tricks and Gadgets for Women

We live in a violent society, truth be told, and women are unfortunately exposed to plenty of attacks every single day, all over the world. While the primary objective of society should be education, prevention and proper reprimand of such acts, it is not less true that women also managed to step up their game and contribute to their own safety. Luckily, the modern world offers them plenty of opportunities to get in control, stay safe and even defend themselves. Let’s see a few safety tips, tricks and even gadgets to keep yourself safe at all times, no matter if you walk alone in the city, travel the world or experience a house break-in attempt. Read More


Car Safety Tips for Kids: What Parents Should Pay Attention To

Being a parent implies hundreds and hundreds of responsibilities, worries and concerns, especially when it comes to the child’s safety. Driving around with a child also means that you have to pay attention to every little detail, no matter how small or unimportant it may seem. Luckily for everybody, there are plenty of experts to offer us guidance when it comes to car safety tips and advice. Read More


City break season – safety tips when travelling to other cultures

No matter if you travel solo, with your partner or in a group of friends, staying safe is of paramount importance even in a short city break. Besides the terrible things that have happened to tourists visiting other cultures and countries (terrorist attacks and shootings come to mind), each destination has its fair share of petty crime you should steer clear from. Today we will take a quick look at some travel safety tips you shouldn’t ignore when you get ready for a city break to another culture. Read More


21 Fire Safety Tips for Home

1,342,500 fires were reported in 2015 across the United States of America. This accounts for 3,280 civilian fire deaths and 15,700 civilian fire injuries, $14,3 billion in property damage and a 3.7% increase from 2014. This means that a Fire Department responds to a fire emergency every 23 seconds.

Beside the material and life loss, the post traumatic shock haunts the survivors for life. But home fires can and should be prevented if you follow some basic safety tips! Read More