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Life with Disabilities – How can the Red Panic Button Help?

Life with disabilities can sometimes be even harder than one can imagine – safety wise. Besides the inherent struggles of compensating an impairment or another, disabled people are also vulnerable to all sorts of dangers, even if they live on their own or together with family or caregivers. Luckily for everybody, today’s technology made sure that people with disabilities live comfortably, providing them with certain apps and software meant to increase their quality of life. Read More


Hurricane Season – 11 tips on how to keep safe

Hurricanes are natural catastrophes that one cannot stand against. We all know that such destructive phenomena take their toll in human lives and material damages that sometimes go beyond measure. But while we can’t put a stop to them, we can certainly take precautions and steps towards awareness and preparedness. Today we will take a look at some advice, tips and recommendations regarding safety measures during hurricane season. Read More


21 Fire Safety Tips for Home

1,342,500 fires were reported in 2015 across the United States of America. This accounts for 3,280 civilian fire deaths and 15,700 civilian fire injuries, $14,3 billion in property damage and a 3.7% increase from 2014. This means that a Fire Department responds to a fire emergency every 23 seconds.

Beside the material and life loss, the post traumatic shock haunts the survivors for life. But home fires can and should be prevented if you follow some basic safety tips! Read More


Managing a panic attack – what to do when it happens

What is a panic attack and its symptoms?

A panic attack is a sudden onset episode that can be described as the feeling of overwhelming fear or discomfort. Panic attacks are not immediately physically threatening. They can be extremely frightening, as they begin abruptly and are hard to identify especially for first-time sufferers. Read More


Stay safe and alert while playing mobile games

We used to think of mobile games as a mainly solitary hobby that did not require us to leave the comfort of our homes in order to have fun. As technology evolves, a new type of gaming is taking the world by storm. It encourages users to step outside and explore, while looking for adorable virtual creatures. Nothing wrong with that in theory. Read More


How soon is it safe to get your child a smartphone?

Modern times come with unforeseen changes that affect all of us. If a few years back one of the hottest parental debates was the safe and proper age to let your child drive, today the issues revolve around kids having smartphones and surfing the internet. Research shows that parents get their children a smartphone when the little ones are in their early school years. Specialists in safety and parenting recommend that no child should use a smartphone unless he is 12 or 14 years of age. Read More


Lost in a Crowd? Don’t Let a Panic Attack Overwhelm You

Attending events, festivals, art exhibitions or crowded shows can turn into a bad experience for shy and introvert people. Even a busy urban street can be a nightmare for some people. And if someone is a bit agoraphobic, then things tend to escalate and emotions to get the best out of that person. One can go through a panic attack even if he’s not introvert or agoraphobic: a very stressful day, exhaustion, job tasks piling up, personal problems, and stress and health issues – these are all triggers factoring in Read More


Summer camp can be both fun and safe with this app

Going on a summer camp is an incredible experience for children and teenagers. Exploring the great outdoors and learning essential life skills helps a young person develop, adapt and become aware of his or her abilities and problem solving capacities while developing social capabilities. Summer camp is without a doubt a fun way to make new friends and learn plenty of things in all life areas. But summer camp should also be safe. While parents and tutors put their trust in the kids’ educators, instructors and camp managers, one cannot be too cautious.

Read More


Going on an Outdoor Trip? Have a Panic App Close Just in Case!

Going on an outdoor trip is pleasurable, challenging, fulfilling and relaxing, all in the same time. The seasoned adventurer, used to spending time in the wild, exploring nature, camping, and camp fire building, watching the wild life or hiking knows that safety is the main concern. We hear too often stories about young people taking camping trips in the mountains and getting lost or even experienced hikers taken by surprise by weather, extreme climacteric conditions or unforeseeable accidents. Read More