Going on an Outdoor Trip? Have a Panic App Close Just in Case!


Going on an Outdoor Trip? Have a Panic App Close Just in Case!

Going on an outdoor trip is pleasurable, challenging, fulfilling and relaxing, all in the same time. The seasoned adventurer, used to spending time in the wild, exploring nature, camping, and camp fire building, watching the wild life or hiking knows that safety is the main concern. We hear too often stories about young people taking camping trips in the mountains and getting lost or even experienced hikers taken by surprise by weather, extreme climacteric conditions or unforeseeable accidents.

Besides taking all the necessary equipment, gear, clothes, footwear and tools for a great outdoors vacation, you still need to take supplementary safety measures. And this is where the Panic App comes in…

What’s the Worst that Can Happen in During an Outdoor Trip?

Even if you are prepared for the weather and have the proper gear to face the terrain, an outdoor adventure can go sideways due to multiple factors:

  • Sudden and extreme weather phenomena that can separate you from your camping place, keeping you stranded on a mountain top, cave, and ravine and so on. If you go on an outdoor adventure in winter, the snow, ice, cold and mountain avalanches are all the more reasons for you to make sure you make extra efforts to stay protected.
  • Getting lost hiking a region you don’t know well, at nightfall and so on.
  • Getting into a dangerous situation involving wildlife, wildfires, floods, storms and so on.
  • Accidentally hurting yourself while hiking or walking, having an emergency on your hands, such as an ankle sprain or a bleeding bruises if you take a fall.

No matter how careful you are, wilderness and nature can turn against you. This is why you need the Red Panic Button app to keep in touch with your close ones and stay safe – even save your own life!

What Does the Panic App Do?

If you are in a dangerous situation while outdoors and you need to make a distress call fast and in an efficient way you can use your Red Panic app to let people know you need help.

  • The Panic Button sends to your emergency contacts’ list a message containing your GPS location in order to receive immediate search & rescue type of help.
  • If you hike alone, only one push of a button will send your coordinates via SMS to your friends and family. The Panic App also allows the sharing of your distress call on your Twitter accounts.
  • This app is excellent as a “keep in touch” type of app even if you go outdoors together with friends. Groups split up in smaller groups or people stray away from their camping base – the Panic Button immediately lets the other ones know where the person is – thus making a search and rescue operation a lot easier.

The panic app is a simple, fast and affordable solution to always be in touch with your peers and family no matter how deep in the wilderness you might adventure. The Red Panic Button works on your smart phone without any technical issues and is easy to use: you will have on your phone screen a large red button to just push and have your close ones by your side in no time!

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