Summer camp can be both fun and safe with this app


Summer camp can be both fun and safe with this app

Going on a summer camp is an incredible experience for children and teenagers. Exploring the great outdoors and learning essential life skills helps a young person develop, adapt and become aware of his or her abilities and problem solving capacities while developing social capabilities. Summer camp is without a doubt a fun way to make new friends and learn plenty of things in all life areas. But summer camp should also be safe. While parents and tutors put their trust in the kids’ educators, instructors and camp managers, one cannot be too cautious.

After all, children can get into troubles unintentionally and be innocent victims of random accidents. But if you were ever afraid to let your child attend a summer camp, now you can put your worries aside: there is an app that can ensure your little one’s safety. The Red Panic Button is a smartphone app that turns any summer camp into a fun adventure, diminishing all of its unforeseen risks.

What Risks Can Face Your Children in Summer Camp?


With all the supervision provided by adults, summer camp is not totally risk-free. A child can get lost in the forest straying away from the group. A child can get bruised or he can accidentally fall and get hurt. A child, driven by curiosity, can come by a wild animal and so on. Such dangers can all be avoided with the simple use of the Panic Button app. All children nowadays posses a smartphone and you can install the Red Panic Button and teach them how to use it.

Moreover, the summer camp staff can also have this app installed on their personal mobile phones to provide supplemental safety to everybody working on the premises. Moreover, sometimes all it takes is a powerful storm or an extreme weather phenomenon to disrupt communications and cause unpredictable negative outcomes (forest fires, flooding etc). All such situations can endanger all people of all ages – and they all need proper rescuing from authorities and trained personnel.

How Does the Red Panic Button Work?

Once installed on the phone, the Panic Button app comes with a widget on the main phone screen which looks like a large red button. If a child or a teenager is in trouble and cannot make a call (sometimes in the mountains or abroad mobile signal is weak or absent), all he has to do is push the big red button on the screen.

The Panic Button app then sends a SMS to a chosen emergency contacts’ list containing a distress call accompanied by the person’s exact GPS location. If a child gets lost in the dark and he cannot find his way to the camp, he can simply send his contacts’ list his exact location, thus making a search and rescue operation a lot simpler and more efficient. The app can be used also if the child gets hurt or needs medical attention (if suffering from an illness or disability) – by providing the camp staff with a GPS location he can get found fast and receive help in no time.

The Red Panic app can also send a similar distress call containing the person’s coordinates via Twitter. This is how parents and tutors, emergency service providers and authorities can learn very fats if something went wrong in the summer camp and they can all take combined and coordinated actions to provide proper help.

The Red Panic Button is extremely easy to use by all children of all ages and it can keep them safe without spoiling their fun. Kids can be taught to use it properly, without abusing it, so they can all have an entertaining and educational summer while knowing that whatever happens, they will get found fast and offered adequate help.

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