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How to speak to children about anxiety

5 Apps to Help Reduce Your Child’s Anxiety

What many parents do not realize about their kids is that they can feel stress and anxiety, just like adults do. Kids have a lot of things to deal with in their day to day life, which can put them under a lot of pressure. From the complexities of making new friends to managing school demands, they can get overwhelmed easily and can succumb to stress and anxiety. That is why it is crucial for every parent to pay attention to their child’s feelings and help them manage the stress they are experiencing.

As a parent, you do not have to worry much about it as there are certain steps you can take to ensure your child is feeling happy and relaxed most of the time. Firstly, you need to understand that your child’s anxiety is not a result of poor parenting. If you blame yourself, it will only add more to the family stress and would not do you or your child any good. There are several factors that can cause anxiety among children, and even though you might not have caused any of them, you can still help your kid fight them. You must also learn how to speak to children about anxiety the right way and mustn’t have high expectations from them.

Giving your child a toolkit in the form of apps is an excellent way of helping them manage their anxiety. There are plenty of anxiety- relief apps out there that can help your child get through their anxious moment. These apps can help them fight anxiety by providing them directly or by distracting them. Below I have mentioned a few of these apps that can help you reduce your child’s anxiety. Let’s take a look:

Smiling Mind

This is an excellent app that can help both you and your child manage their anxiety. Smiling Mind is a non-profit organization whose goal is to spread mindfulness among people of all ages and disciplines. They have developed this app with the vision of helping every mind to thrive. This free app offers plenty of meditation techniques and modules for people going through different stages of life. It also has several meditation programs for school students and as well as adults working as professionals. Also, this app is not just developed by a bunch of programmers. There is a team of educationists and psychologists behind it, which makes the app very effective. The app is available on both Apple Store and Google Play Store, and you can download it right away.


Recolor is a digital color book for children, and it can keep them distracted for quite some time. Children love making drawings, and they can draw and color happily for hours. With the help of this free app, you cannot only keep your child engaged but can improve their mood as well. It is also quite easy to use as all you have to do is choose a picture, and your child can pick colors from the tab to fill the picture. They can also zoom in and out of the images to color better, which is something you cannot enjoy in actual coloring books. The app is free, and you can download it from the store right away.


Another great app that can help your child with anxiety management is TanZen. The game comprises exciting tangram puzzles that can keep your child busy and can have a relaxing effect on them. The app is developed by Little White Bear Studios, and you can download the free version right now. Your child can enjoy 50 puzzles with the free version of TanZen and can relax their mind. If they find the free version helpful, you can also consider purchasing the pro version, which costs a cent less than a dollar and has more than 550 puzzles to solve.


If you want your child to have fun while managing their anxiety, then Orbia is the app you need to install on your phone or tablet. It is a game where you have to overcome obstacles coming towards you quickly to reach the next level. The best part about this game is its user interface and graphics. The game is so colorful that even looking at it can make your child feel relaxed. From multiple levels to new skins for the characters, everything about this game is super fun.

Mindful Minutes

To soothe your child’s mind, you can use Mindful Minutes by OOPS YAY. This app is adorable and is designed specifically for kids. It has relaxing music along with four beautiful sceneries of a balloon, a fish, a gem, and a star. Kids can hold the phone during bedtime and can watch these relaxing minutes while listening to soothing music. This app will have a soothing effect on your child, and they will feel fresh and happy.