Situations in life where you cannot reach for your phone


Joanna is a very active woman and loves getting involved in all the outdoor activities that cross her path. Being always on the go, she is well organized especially when it comes to her family and kids. They are a blessing and a challenge and she is up for everything life brings her way.

This summer Joanna found out just how challenging life can be and getting a little help along the way is crucial if you want to pass all tests with flying colors.

After packing and sending the kids away to summer camp with the local Scouts, Joanna found herself in front of a full week with some time to do her things and just enjoy a breather. So, the first thing she did was to resume her running in the morning routine, before going to work.

After three days of getting back in shape she found herself running in the new part of her neighborhood where there still were some construction materials to clear out and some rubble. Not wanting to turn back she kept running past some traffic cones that she thought were left behind, when in fact the cones were signaling a sewer hole that wasn’t closed yet.

Unfortunately, she didn’t get enough time to stop or avoid it and fell right into it. Because the hole was too tight it was difficult to get out her phone from her hidden pocket in the track suit and call the emergency line or push the Red Panic Button. Luckily for her she did have a Pebble device on her wrist.
Having installed the panic button app just days before, she was able to push a side button on her smartwatch and get her husband to her rescue.

This app integration was a lifesaver for her, preventing a bad situation become a fatal one. Even though she wasn’t badly injured, she would have been trapped in the sewer hole for a long time before anybody would hear her scream for help, and the risks for dehydration or having a panic attack would only increase.

After about 5 minutes since pressing the Pebble button for the Red Panic app, Joanna could hear her husband call for her nearby and so she could answer back and find each other easily.

There are many situations in life where you cannot reach for your phone, but the watch is always on your wrist and at hand. Take advantage of what technology has to offer and always, always put your safety first!