5 Safety tips for dog walkers from the Dog Whisperer


5 Safety tips for dog walkers from the Dog Whisperer

Cesar Milan needs little to no introduction when it comes to dog training and care. He is an expert not only in the daily education and entertainment of your best furry friend, but also in its daily safety. Dog owners don’t have the easiest of lives: they have to work their schedules around their friends’ walking and feeding times, they have to take important precautions when it comes to their pets’ cleanliness, health, play, diet and so on.

But Cesar Milan also says it is very important to keep in mind some safety tips for dog walkers on a daily basis. So let’s hear from one of the world’s most loved and respected dog specialists and keep our furry buddies safer and happier.

1. Use a Reliable Leash and Collar for Both of You

The leash and collar should be appropriate for your dog’s size and strength. All dog owners want to avoid their friends escaping from their collars or leash and run across the street, after a car, other dogs / cats or people. But you also need to make sure the collar isn’t too tight around your friend’s neck, it is not rusty or ruptured, as it can cause health issues for the pet. Also, keep in mind that you should change the collar or the leash the moment they show signs of wear and tear.

2. Wear Reflective Clothing – Both of You

If you want to stay safe and keep your friend safe as well, try wearing reflecting clothes when you take a walk very early in the morning or in the evening. You should also invest in a reflective vest for you and your friend if you walk together in inclement weather on a regular basis. Staying safe from drivers or bike riders is a responsibility you should take seriously. If your walking route takes you around abandoned building, empty fields or construction sites this is one more reason to wear reflective vests in the evening.

3. LED Lights

In case you don’t want to wear reflective vests, you can try LED lights as supplemental accessories to have light and visibility. You can wear bike or running safety lights, while your furry friend can wear a Bright Light Leash & Collar – a dog set provided with LED lights to make your dog easily visible no matter where it roams in the park. Cesar Milan recommends the dog set for your friend, while you can also benefit from solar power or USB charged batteries.

4. Comfortable Shoes and Gear

If you are not comfortable walking in your shoes you will probably feel uncomfortable altogether and experience all sorts of aches and body incorrect postures. Also, if you walk a big dog with a personality, you may also want to wear gloves so the leash doesn’t hurt your hands. Besides that, make sure all your shoes or boots come with no-skid soles as sometimes you risk to be pulled off your feet by your dog walking too fast or during winter.

5. GPS Tracker Collar

There are plenty of hi-tech collars including GPS trackers so you don’t lose your pet or find it in the blink of an eye in case it strays away. These trackers also come with their accompanying smartphone apps and are quite useful especially if you don’t walk the dog with a leash.

What other safety measures do you take when you walk your dog? Other tips or tricks to recommend?

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