Safety and Practical Tips for Camping with the Family


Safety and Practical Tips for Camping with the Family

Ah, the great outdoors!

The adventure of a camping trip together with the family, the joys of breathing fresh air, the excitement of the camp fire, the hikes, the discoveries, the sheer entertainment… It all sounds amazing and it should be amazing if you are careful to eliminate all sources of troubles, problems, issues, and discomforts. Going on a tent-and-car based camping trip with the family is not quite a picnic in the park, but luckily for everyone we have a few safety and practical tips, tricks and smart ideas to make things easier and more enjoyable!

1. Get blow-up mattresses for your tents

Forget about those thin layers of rubber that actually mean sleeping on the ground. Pick blow-up mattresses that match the floor surface of all your tents, parents and kids alike. This way you will all sleep comfortable, safe from cold or bumpy / rocky ground, safe from insects and so on. You can then collapse the mattresses when you don’t need them and store them in the car until your next camping stop. They don’t take too much space and a night with good, comfy sleep means a fun day for everyone!

2. The solar-powered shower bag is a great idea

If you are serious about camping outside specialized camping lots and have an adventure all on your own, the shower problem will soon become problematic, especially for children. Luckily for everybody, today we have solar-powered shower bags that can keep you clean and healthy no matter what wilderness you aim to explore next.

3. The first-aid kit is mandatory

You shouldn’t even leave the house without one. Besides pills and medication for colds, aching tummies, and scratches, your first-aid kit should also contain some powders or sprays to repel insects or contain insect bites. Don’t forget about sunscreen, bandages, disinfectants, and so on. If you take the kids on a camping trip for the first time they might need a few days to adapt, so you should be ready to prevent and manage any health disruptions.

4. A Red Panic Button app might come in handy

Camping is all about understanding nature and exploring the area you chose for your trip – but kids can easily get lost, fall, get trapped, and get an accident and so on. We know a camping trip means getting away from the madding crowd and technology, but in this case technology can save everybody’s life. Teach your kids to use their Red Panic Button app you installed on their phones or Pebble watches – with a simple push of a button they can send you a distress call (even if you don’t get an internet connection in the woods) signaling their GPS location so you can find them quickly and come to their aid.

5. Go prepared with games, toys and entertainment

You know those lazy mornings around the camp site before getting ready for a new adventure or those lazy afternoons when you just came back from a hike? Those moments – while reserved for resting – are seldom used for rest, especially by kids. If you have some meals to prepare or some cleaning around the campsite, if you need to keep them occupied or spend some quality time together in the morning or afternoon, make sure you have activity bags, board games, toys, and other forms of entertainment at the ready. No matter how tired your kids are, they will never be too tired to say no to a nature-themed scavenging hunt, a squirt gun fight, a board game and so on.

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