What Is a Panic Button and Who Can Use It


What Is a Panic Button and Who Can Use It

According to the Dictionary of Cambridge, a panic button is “a device, usually a button that is used to call for help by someone in a dangerous situation”. But for many people worldwide, the Red Panic Button is more than an app or a button – it is a way of life and a personal safety measure they can rely on every day.

We were asked many times who can use the panic button and we answered in the same manner each time: everybody can, including children if they receive the proper instructions, the elders, and people with disabilities or medical conditions and so on. Everybody who cares for his / her own safety and the security of their loved ones.

What Makes the Red Panic Button so Easy for Everybody to Use?

The panic button enables users to push a central button on the screen of their smartphones or Pebble watches and allow immediate contact with various emergency contacts (and even emergency services in some countries), providing instant details of their location.

In other words, the Red Panic Button allows people to get searched and rescued fast and efficiently if they get lost, if they don’t feel safe in a certain building or social context, in a crowd, somebody’s home and so on. The panic button is very discrete – one inconspicuous click on your phone and you can send a distress call via SMS or email to a selected number of contacts (family, friends, colleagues etc.). In case you don’t want anyone to suspect you are sending a distress message, the app is the right choice for you.

The Panic Button comes with plenty of features you might want to take into account:

  • Use the Emergency Dial feature to have your phone your phone dial the emergency number of your choice while sending the panic messages via SMS, e-mail, Twitter in the same time.

  • Use the Voice Recording feature if you want to send a 10-seconds voice message to better explain your emergency situation; the app allows you to record and send the audio file as an attachment to an e-mail to your contact list.

  • Use the Remote Access feature to help your friends and family members (or emergency services) locate you even faster: the app allows the user who received your SMS panic message to get the latest position of the device that sent the message, thus being able to find you quickly.

  • Use the Picture and Video features: the app allows you to take a picture using either your front or rear smartphone camera or record a short video it then sends as an attachment via email to your emergency contacts or emergency services; this features comes extremely in handy when there are situations that require live footage or images of attackers, robbers and all sorts of felons, cars involved in hit and run accidents, terrorist attacks and so on.

These are just a few of the perks pertaining to the panic button – there are more! It will keep you safer and will keep your loved ones close to you no matter what happens.

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