A Local NGO Tackles National Security Issues: White Label Solutions

White Label Solutions - Red Panic Button

The Problem

Brasilia is the capital of Brazil, a gorgeous country full of history, culture, traditions, languages and landscapes. However, Brazil is also known for its political, social and security problems. Deeply affected by poverty, crime, gang violence, lack of education, and corruption Brazil (and the city of Brasilia) struggles to develop a secure environment for individuals or companies. Promoting the entrepreneurial spirit in a country marked as insecure from all points of view seems to be a utopia nobody dreams about.

However, in Brasilia there is at least one NGO which offers support to its citizens and which channels its resources in order to create equal chances for people who want to rise above the local and national security and social issues. By its different presented and implemented projects, this NGO tries to offer concrete solutions to those who want to drive the local economy forward and who need appropriate security. However, the NGO’s greatest obstacle in achieving such a goal was the lack of a universal safety solution to be used by all people in the same manner, with the same features and functions and with the same results.

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The Solution

Being approached by this NGO, our company understood that what people in Brasil truly wanted was a simple and accessible application to adapt to their local context and to be easily integrated in all aspects of their lives. Our partnership with this NGO led to the creation of a white label solution for the Red Panic Button. The white label solution allows the use of the same resources and features of the application which can be tested and assessed by thousands of users from around the world. Creating a white label solution to be implemented in a certain context means better resource management, more budget control, reliable user support and proper integration with other systems and features.

The Panic Button app allows people and companies to better manage security problems and deal in a faster and more efficient way with safety concerns. Being a mobile app and coming as a white label solution for Brasilia, the Red Panic Button app was the answer to the local NGO’s problem of offering the proper type of product to entrepreneurs and emerging companies.

The Impact

The partnership and the white label version of the Red Panic Button led to the creation of a security solution easily adaptable to a multitude of business and personal fields of interest, allowing large numbers of users to fully exploit its benefits.