Is your house safe from burglars and a home break in?


Is your house safe from burglars and a home break in?

Whether you live in an urban apartment or a residential suburb house you cannot eliminate the possibility of a home break in. Burglars have their ways of learning if you have valuable possessions in your home. And today, in a super cyber-oriented world, they don’t need your cash or jewelry or tech gadgets anymore as they can clean you bank accounts in the blink of an eye. This is why today we will try to cover the basic home safety options you should consider to keep all perpetrators away from your home and family.

  • Try installing a home security system that is efficient. Doors and window wireless alarms can be bought at fair prices and trigger whenever doors and windows are opened from the outside. Of course, the alarms can be programmed to not trigger when you and family members enter the house or apartment. Burglars hate noises, so even if such alarms are not the latest in surveillance technology, they will send all perpetrators running away.
  • Motion detectors installed outside the house are also good burglar deterrents, being affordable and easy to install. Make sure you keep them powered (or charged with batteries or solar power) so they function all day long when you leave the house or during the night.
  • Install a safe inside the house. If you do indeed keep money, jewelry, important personal documents and other valuable possessions, make sure you store them in a safe. Most people don’t need huge and expensive house safes, but you can purchase one for a good price and fix it on the floor or on the ceiling to make sure burglars don’r run away with it. Even home safes are provided with fire protections and fingerprint reading operating systems.
  • Protect your identity and personal details by shredding papers. We usually store piles and piles of papers, from bills to bank letters, appliance warranties, notes and so on. If you decide to clean and declutter your drawers and office space, make sure you don’t throw them away until you properly shredded them. Identity theft and the use of your personal details for hacking and stealing are common crimes these days and you can’t never be too careful when it comes to personal correspondence.
  • Secure your front door, garage door, attic and basement. If you live in a house you should reinforce all your entry points and provide the house, the garage and the outdoor structure with supplemental features that makes doors and windows harder to be broken, lock-picked or kicked in by burglars.
  • Teach your family members to act correctly in case of an attempted burglary. Burglars are scared of security alarms going off, but sometimes they are daring enough to break in a house even if it is inhabited. Calling the emergency services and using the Red Panic Button to discretely call for help are all proper measures to implement if somebody tries to break in the house. As the Panic Button app goes, it is a fast and smart option to send a distress call to a preset list of emergency contacts, especially when you don’t want to alert the perpetrator that you called for backup.

What other means do you use to keep your home and your family members safe from burglaries and break-ins? Did you implement other methods as well? What are they?

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