Healthcare apps that make a difference


Healthcare apps that make a difference

It’s amazing to think that today there are apps that can interpret the symptoms of a disease and get you an accurate answer and help you find treatment. This saves us time, money and maybe even a doctor’s appointment.

Healthcare app mobile industry is getting hugely popular and profitable with new ideas coming up and new startups appearing all the time.

So, let’s take a look at bright representatives in healthcare mobile projects area with considerable amount of users.


Micromedex is a healthcare mobile application with a considerable drug database. If you face some health problems, you can easily find drug recommendations for yourself by typing the symptoms of your ailment. Also, there is extensive information about drugs, so if you want to know about a specific one you can look it up there and receive instructions to this medicine, information about the proper dosage level and potential side effects. It is really easy to use, updated every month, and doesn’t require internet connection.

Healthcare apps that make a difference

Doctor on Demand

Doctor on Demand application allows having a video consultation with a doctor just using your phone. Through video chats doctors can provide assessment, diagnosis and, if there is a need, prescriptions for you ailment. Physicians on Doctor on Demand deal with allergies, colds, and infections of different kind. What is more, it offers psychologists, who treat depressions, stresses, addictions, or even relationship issues.

Healthcare apps that make a difference

Red Panic Button

Red Panic Button is an app that can be extremely useful in case of emergency. It requires just pressing the red button on your phone to send emails and text messages to those who can help you. You bring in the list of people and their contacts, who must be reached if there is an emergency situation. Then, if anything happens and you press red button they receive signal with your location (GPS or Network based coordinates). There is also configuration with Facebook and Twitter available.

Healthcare apps that make a difference


Appаrently, mobile apps have made a change in the healthcare industry and they keep this ball rolling. Discover the entire list of healthcare apps that can make a difference on, here.

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