Going on vacation? Red panic button app is a must for your safety


Going on vacation? Red panic button app is a must for your safety

Finally going on that vacation you dreamed of for so long is a thrilling emotion! You deserved it and you further deserve to recharge your batteries, see new and beautiful places, enjoy some new experiences and have some fun! Planning a vacation is no easy feat though: you need your paperwork properly done, all reservations confirmed, all bags ready and all travel and health insurance policies signed and sealed.

Is there anything you might forget?

Is the Red Panic Button app telling you anything?

Going on vacation should indeed be something to look forward to – until you watch the news and realize that dangers of all kinds are more or less subtly present all over the world, threatening to overshadow your freedom and happiness. Safety while traveling is, today, more than just avoiding a country with high criminality rates or not adventuring on dark alleys at night in cities you don’t know. Safety today means awareness, prevention and presence of spirit to recognize a potential threatening situation and alert the right people at the right time.

Going on vacation? Red panic button app is a must for your safety

The Red Panic Button is a mobile application you can install on your phone and have close by no matter if you travel in your country or abroad. The Panic Button features a large red button on your smartphone screen and with only a push you can alert your family and friends that you’re facing a threatening situation.

Why the panic button is so important to have “just in case”

The Panic Button connects you directly with your selected emergency responders (parents, siblings, close friends, work mates) and allows them to learn that you are in trouble. But the Panic Button app does much more than this. It can send your panic alert message via SMS and email – the messages also contain your Google locationcoordinates so everybody to know where you are. Some countries around the world have also integrated the Red Panic Button into their local emergency services so they can reach you faster in case of a crisis.

Of course, if you travel together with friends or family, the Panic Button helps your entire group. You can all keep in touch and know each other’s whereabouts. Some people in your group may want to visit a certain touristic landmark, while others want to go to dinner. It is easy to stray away and get lost in a new city or a vacation resort. The Red Panic Button app allows all of you to know where one member is located and go find him. The app is essential when you travel with children or elders, as it is easier for them to send a distress call together with their exact geo coordinates than calling an emergency number. In a foreign country, given the language barriers and lack of knowledge, the Panic Button can save the day faster than local services.

In case of extreme weather phenomena, the Panic Button can alert the ones left home that you and other tourists go through a rough patch, get stranded or incapacitated. They can alert authorities indicating your location or put together a search and rescue party.

The Red Panic Button’s real life applications and value are incommensurable

Your travel health insurance may cover your broken leg… if you break a leg in the outskirts of a town you don’t know and need immediate attention from your peers it is the Panic Button that will make sure their presence by your side in a quick and efficient way.

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