Corporations In Support of Human and Animal Life: Transportation Safety

Transportation Safety - - Red Panic Button

The Problem

While in Canada authorities and private companies don’t usually deal with national crime or security problems, at a smaller level there are many issues that disrupt economical activities and endanger peoples’ lives. A Canadian trucking company decided to face such a common matter and solve it accordingly: wild animals roaming freely on highways and national roads creating accidents, chain truck collisions and massive traffic jams that often translate into human casualties, death and money losses. According to the Canadian Wildlife Collision Prevention Program, “wildlife vehicle collisions are a major concern throughout all of Canada and can result in substantial personal, environmental and economic losses.” According to statistics, there are about 9,900 animal-related collisions every year (and around 4 to 8 large animal vehicle collisions every hour). The numbers are concerning from all points of view: around 500 people get injured in such collisions, the Canadian government (namely the Ministry of Transportation) spends about 700,000 CAD for highway clean-up while losing 40 million CAD annually (in wildlife hunting and recreational value). As from an environmental point of view, the damages are incalculable.

From a transportation company’s point of view, such matters cannot be taken lightly, as human and animal lives are wasted and money is being lost. The best way to counter such unfortunate accidents and to lower the wildlife collision levels was thought to be the finding of a preventative solution. The trucking company wanted to implement a way to properly alert the parties involved upon the risks of wildlife collisions and of chain traffic accidents.

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The Solution

The trucking company presented us with the problem of prevention and intervention, asking us for a fast, highly adaptable and reliable solution. This request led to the creation of a white label modified version of the Red Panic Button app. The mobile app allows users to send distress calls to alert emergency providers, people and companies about a threatening situation. The app allows the people receiving the Panic Button alert to quickly locate the transmitter of the message (as the app sends an address and exact positioning and localization coordinated) together with the transmitters’ ID.

However, the Red Panic Button had to be optimized to suit the trucking company’s needs, therefore our white label solution came together with a series of special features and modifications to properly fulfill the purpose of preventing future wildlife collisions to occur.

The Impact

The white label solution is now an integrate component of the Canadian trucking company’s logistic framework and operational strategy. They registered lower levels of wildlife collisions on highways as the truck drivers are now able to signal the potential traffic accidents risks and avoid them so that no human and animal lives are endangered anymore. From an economical point of view, the company registered a significant margin of profit since it lost little to no money in wildlife collisions in the past year.