Beach bag essentials for a great holiday


Beach bag essentials for a great holiday

Who doesn’t enjoy an amazing family vacation at the seaside? This is what you have been waiting for all year long, isn’t it? Well… if you want to embrace all the fun and forget about all the troubles that might ensue from spending an entire vacation at the beach with the kids, you need to pack a few extra items besides your beach blanket, towels and sunscreen. Let’s see today some beach bag essentials for a great summer holiday entirely lacked of worries, troubles, and issues.

1. Cool cooler bag

If you aim to spend the day at the beach, a cooler bag is of utmost importance to keep everybody well hydrated and properly fed. Some cooler bags also come with special compartments for fruits and beverages. Keep your food and drink cold and never worry about getting a fresh drink throughout the day!

2. Insulated water bottles

Speaking of keeping everybody hydrated – especially the little ones – consider taking some insulated water bottles with cool designs, BPA-free and easy to store in the cooler bag. Your kids will keep their cool, drink water properly and stay safe from the dehydration’s negative effects. Your friends and other family members too, so make sure everyone has its whimsical water bottle ready.

3. First aid kit

A day at the beach with children can result in plenty of troubles and accidents, so it’s better to be prepared. A beach-oriented first aid kit won’t take much space in your beach luggage but it can prove more than helpful in case of an emergency.

4. A Red Panic Button

Speaking of emergencies, your teenage kids may want to explore the area and not sit with their parents getting bored. It’s all normal and fun, so let them try the aquatic installations or get all passionate with their first scuba diving session. Problem with teenagers is that they can wander off quite far and – if you are in a foreign country or a resort – they can get lost or get into trouble. Don’t worry about them anymore: install the Red Panic Button on their smartphones and Pebble watches and if they get lost or end up in a troubling situation they can send you a distress call so you can pick them up from exactly where they are.

5. Waterproof / sand proof device cases

You know what can totally ruin your vacation? Water and sand infiltrating into your smartphone, camera, wristwatch or other tech gadgets you take on the beach and rendering them unusable. Make sure you get waterproof and sand-proof protective cases for all your devices. There are cases which keep your camera safe under water while you take pictures of the aquatic wildlife, so enjoy your beach vacation and your gadgets in complete safety!

6. A beach safe

One of the issues groups and families have while at the beach is leaving behind their wallets, phones, keys, IDs and other personal stuff behind while they all take a swim. Invest in a small but practical safe / vault which comes with a code and safely store your belongings while you are away from your beach blanket and towel.

What other essentials do you take on the beach with you when you go on a family summer vacation? Do you pack some things everybody should know about?

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