5 Self-Defense Methods for Students


5 Self-Defense Methods for Students

Being a student is not always safe, especially if you have to walk alone at night or travel all over town and visit shady neighborhoods.

Sometimes, students do not feel 100% safe in their campuses either. There are many bad things going on and you should know what self-defense methods you can rely on and how to use them. Today, we will see together five self-defense methods for students – and if you think they are the right ones for you, you should learn how to use them.

1. The Classic Pepper Spray

This is probably the standard in self-defense for both women and men. While the use of pepper spray as a self-defense mechanism is legal in general, you should still learn how to carry it and use it so you can buy yourself some time for you to get away. Our first recommendation is to practice how you draw the pepper spray out of your pocket. Women should also keep it in their pockets and not in their purses, as everybody needs to reach the can very fast. You should also learn how to aim it away from yourself and towards the face of the attacker. When you buy the spray, make sure you know its range and distance.

2. The Mace

A modern-turned-classic alternative to pepper spray, the mace is the go-to self-defense weapon when it comes to students. Many people carry a can of mace on their keychains, so the instrument is very portable and simple to use. Maces come in different strengths, so make sure you get one strong enough but be sure to know how to use it properly. Mace can affect you too if you use it incorrectly. All students should carry a mace and know exactly how to use it. The number of assaults on young unexpected people is on the rise and you can never be too careful no matter how safe your campus is.

3. The Self-Defense Key Chain

There are dozens of self-defense key chain models out there – you may have seen the ones in the shape of cats with pointy ears. While many people wear them, you should be aware that the use is rather difficult. You need to learn how to turn your key chain into a self-defense instrument in seconds. Such tool also come with rather serious psychological discomfort. The closer the aggressor is, the better the key chain will work. It involves some degree of physical contact with an attacker. It also involves wits, speed of hand, and knowledge on how to use it. Many police departments hold training courses in key chain use, but you can take such course on your own.

4. The Red Panic Button App

This app, when used, sends your location together with a distress signal to your entire emergency contact list. The app features different options for how to send distress signals. It works best if you get lost and simply need somebody to come assist you, if you feel your cab driver is not such a nice person, if you are stuck in a place that is or feels threatening, and so on. The Red Panic Button app is also helpful if you have a health problem outside campus and you need your friends to come over and give you a hand in the matter.

5. Self-Defense Stun Gun

Light, portable, and surprising for the attacker, the stun gun becomes students’ next favorite self-defense tool. Just as it is the case with other weapons and instruments, you should use it only when you are in trouble and in the emergency of an attack. You should also know how to use it to avoid harming yourself. Usually, manufacturers also offer full use instructions for proper self-defense. In comparison with maces and pepper sprays, the stun gun also requires physical contact with the attacker. You should carry the stun gun in a pocket to access it quickly. Practice your speed of hand and your reactions.

Do you use other self-defense methods? What other self-defense advice do you have for students?

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