5 Life Hacks Everyone Should Know


5 Life Hacks Everyone Should Know

In life, anything can happen.

Sometimes you get help from others really quick, while other times you need to handle things on your own. We don’t say you need to turn into a veritable Bear Grylls, but there are some life hacks you should master, just in case. If you want to feel safe inside and outside the house, keep in mind you should have an emergency number on speed dial and the Red Panic Button widget on the screen of your smartphone.

However, you don’t always get a signal or people to come to your rescue in the next ten minutes. Let’s learn today a few life hacks to help you manage in some dire situations!

1. Start a Fire with a Phone Battery

If you are lost and stranded in a remote area far away from the civilized world, your mobile phone may not help you much. In fact, the only thing it can help you with is starting a fire to keep you warm and safe during the night. Since most smartphone batteries are (Li-ion) based, they make a fiery chemical reaction if a sharp object pierces them. Prepare some wood in advance and get the light and warmth you need.

2. Ride the Tide

One of the most unfortunate events occurring when people enjoy their summer beach vacations is drowning in the sea. You need swimming experience, a thorough conformation to the rules enforced by the lifeguards, and plenty of wit to stay safe from the beautiful but cruel sea.

However, rip tides or rip currents occur randomly and can take even the most seasoned swimmer by surprise. If your first instinct is to swim towards the shore to escape the rip, ignore it. Instead, you should swim in parallel or diagonally in respect to the shore in order to get out of the current. Rip currents are not wide, so it is best to swim across them to save your life.

3. Always Follow the Rule of 3

No matter if you get lost or stranded somewhere in the wilderness, you need to remember the rule of 3:

  • You can resist 3 minutes without air, on average, until you lose consciousness;
  • You can resist 3 days without water;
  • You can resist 3 weeks without food without serious damage to health.

Depending on the rule of 3, you need to set your priorities straight and make an effort to get to safety.

  • Speaking of priorities, never eat snow in order to quench your thirst. It is better to let the snow melt first and then drink it, as raw snow will make your freeze quicker and push your body to consume even more energy to warm up.

  • Speaking of water, never drink salt water either!

4. A Cut too deep

In case you are working around the house and you get a really bad cut due to a shard or a sharp object, most of the times it is better to let the shard or the object in the wound. You have seen this in movies: if you remove the foreign object, you will lose large quantities of blood. It is best to leave the injury untouched and call an ambulance. Medical experts are able to remove the object so you do not experience the negative effects of blood loss.

5. Putting Out a Fire

Accidental fires cause many house accidents and tragedies. One of the most common types of kitchen fires is the burning pan. A frying pan left unattended on the stove can catch fire in a matter of seconds if the oil inside is boiling excessively hot. If your first instinct is to pour water over the fire, restrain yourself! In fact, never ever pour water over hot oil. It will make the fire bigger and stronger, and the oil will splash in all directions, burning you and spreading the flames all over the place.

If your pan caught fire, turn off the gas and throw a dense cotton cloth over the pan. You can use a blanket, a stack of towels or even T-shirts. The main idea is to absorb the oxygen to stop the flames.

Have you ever had to manage a dire situation, avoid a house accident, or survive a day or two of being lost? We hope not! We do hope, however, that you take these recommendations to heart and always have a back-up plan, including the Panic Button safety app, spare phone batteries, a minimal survival kit or at least minimal knowledge on how to get away safe from such situations.

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