5 Extra Fire Safety Measures for Your Home


5 Extra Fire Safety Measures for Your Home

We would not manage to go by in our everyday lives without fire, which is a constant source of danger if we do not handle it carefully or if we let it go out of control. According to statistics and medical experts, more than 23,000 people suffer from smoke inhalation each year—with approximately 20% of them dying from related heart or respiratory complications.

Thousands of people die in fires each year, so the problem is indeed serious. With the wild fires destroying property and home fires ruining peoples’ lives, extra fire safety measures make an important topic when it comes to home and personal security. Today we will take a look at some safety measures you should pay attention to around the house.

  1. Install and check your smoke alarms

If you do not have smoke alarms in your house or on your property, it is time to install a system right now. Moreover, you should check your smoke alarms regularly. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors come with annoying, low battery beeps that warn you should check the batteries. Many also come with LED lights signaling malfunctions. Specialists recommend you should test your alarms every month, and replace batteries twice a year.

  1. Unplug your devices

In this day and age, it is hard to believe someone still uses old, temperamental devices and home appliances that work on a whim, but even if you use new and safe gadgets and electronics, you should still unplug them. You might also save some money in the process, not to mention how smart you will feel in case of some electrical disturbances and power malfunctions.

  1. Have a Fire Emergency Plan and Kit

Having a fire escape plan is the sensible thing to do and many governmental agencies have plenty of information available for the general public. Moreover, you can take some classes and prepare your home with a fire survival kit, including an axe, a fire extinguisher, gas mask, and other gear.

  1. In case of smoke, stay low

It would be better if you and your family had gas masks in case of emergency, but if you do not, you can still escape some of the toxic fire smoke by getting as close to the ground as possible. To minimize smoke-related complications, ER doctors and firefighters recommend you pay attention to the first signs of smoke intoxication, which in a fire situation may happen very quickly before a more severe situation. Shortness of breath, headache, dizziness or confusion are the signs that you have been exposed to carbon monoxide and you have to get out of that situation.

  1. Do not play hero

No matter how many movies you have seen, do not consider putting the fire off based on your fire drills in school or things you saw on TV, because you risk making the fire even bigger or, worse, risk your life and the lives of your loved ones. Get your fire kit ready, stay close to the ground, try to get out of the house as soon as possible and contact the firefighter squad immediately. Keep in mind that opening windows can intensify the fire due to the oxygen entering the rooms. Make sure to touch metal knobs and accessories with care to avoid burning your hands.

These were our home fire and smoke recommendations for you to be safe and escape living and breathing from such a dire situation. Have you ever been into a house fire? What other safety measures do you think people should take?

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