5 Easy Home Safety Tips to Try for Your Peace of Mind


5 Easy Home Safety Tips to Try for Your Peace of Mind

Keeping your home and your family safe has always been important. In this fast pace world we live in is even more important to be able to feel safe, especially in your own home.

Today we will look at five easy and smart home safety tips to keep everyone safer and preserve a much needed peace of mind especially if you are away from home or you live alone.

1. Use the child’s room smartly

A burglar wants to rob you fast and with as little risks as possible, this is why many burglaries are limited to the living room or the master bedroom’s closets or nightstands. Of course, it is always better to keep money, jewelry and other valuables in a safety deposit box in a bank, but if you keep some of them home, hide them in the children’s sock drawers or toys piles, especially if you leave the house for a few days in a row.

2. Hide your alarm system security pad

The best thing you can do for your home and family is to install a reliable security system and have a security company back you up in case of… anything. However, even a house packed with motion sensors or cameras needs further protection. This is why our recommendation is to place the system’s security pad in an area which is not visible from the doorstep or across the street – especially if you have decorative glass on your front entrance. Don’t let a perpetrator endowed with a set of binoculars see you tap in your security code.

3. Keep your car keys next to your bed at night

In case you hear suspicious noise in the middle of the night or have the impression that someone is trying to break in the house while you are asleep, press the panic button on your key ring. The noise will give a potential burglar serious second thoughts, especially because the car’s sounds wake up the neighbors or alert your neighborhood’s night watch patrol.

4. Keep the Red Panic Button close

Day or night, it doesn’t matter – something bad can happen, be it a burglary attempt or a house accident. If you live alone, have a medical condition or care for a child or an elder, even the smallest disturbance in your everyday life can lead to terrible outcomes. This is why safety specialists recommend you use the Red Panic Button – an app to install on your smartphone. When pressed, the big red button widget on the screen sends a panic alert to a preset list of contacts. The message delivers a distress call together with your exact GPS coordinates to facilitate search and rescue operations, especially if you are immobilized or sick.

5. Get some neighbor support

If you leave for work or pleasure and you don’t have an alarm system installed on your home (although you should), ask a neighbor to collect your paper, mail and especially the flyers. Sometimes burglars plant all sorts of leaflets, flyers and brochures on your front door to see how many time goes by until you pick them up. They can quickly realize you are not home, so ask a friend or a neighbor to make it look you are.

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