Getting Ready for the Unexpected – Apps to Help in a Disaster


Getting Ready for the Unexpected – Apps to Help in a Disaster

Our world is frequently shaken by natural or manmade disasters that endanger our lives and assets. Almost always, such catastrophes come unexpectedly or, if announced, they strike fast and hard leaving us incapable of acting.

However, thanks to technology, we have now plenty of apps to help in a disaster, that alert us when it is about to occur, or, better yet, to make search and rescue operations a lot faster and more efficient.

Let’t take a look at some apps that might save your life in a daring situation.


This app is very useful for businesses, organizations, schools and universities, as it allows users (employees, students etc) to report about an occurring event or a suspicious situation. The reports can be sent to the organization’s own security devision or governmental security services. Together with the sender’s report, Guardly also sends the reporter’s location, to make search and rescue operations a lot easier. If buildings are equipped with the proper technology, Guardly can also track people inside buildings.

Red Panic Button

This app proves useful in any distress situation, not only disasters. The app allows the user to send a text message or an email to a pre-set list of emergency contacts, sharing a panic message together with his GPS location. The app can also be used to contact some emergency services and its widespread use adds on its popularity.

Given its friendly and extremely easy interface – a big red button smartphone widget – the app is also great for children, elders and people with disabilities who can’t thoroughly explain their location over the phone or who got lost and have no idea where they are.

First Aid by American Red Cross

This is a free app that has a very educational value and can prove to be a life saver. The app offers the user a quick minimal guide in giving the first aid to injured people. Moreover, the app also teaches people what to do and how to prepare in the event of a disaster: flood, drought, storms, earthquakes and more. The app is easy to use and quite friendly, so anyone can become a savior for people in need.

Humanitarian Kiosk

This is an app developed by the United Nations giving people information about humanitarian crises around the world, be them caused by natural or manmade disasters. The app offers information about the geographic locations and nature of the crises, allowing people to evaluate the need levels among such crisis situations. The app is particularly useful to volunteers and people who regularly get involved in humanitarian actions or charity.

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