5 Apps Every Runner Should Know About


5 Apps Every Runner Should Know About

Modern runners have now a dozen plus apps and devices to help them keep tabs on their mileage, performance, health stats, nutrition, safety and so on. Whether you are a seasoned runner or you just want to keep your health in check, now you have the opportunity to use a handful of apps to track your progress and motivate you to stay fit. Today we chose 5 of them we find useful for all those who are aware that physical exercise is a healthy lifestyle choice.

1. Nike +

Nike seems to want to convince everybody that running is the best way to stay fit, healthy and strong, therefore they came up with an app to go along their sports shoes and gear. Nike + offers basic tracking features such as distance and time, with a “motivation” feature to keep you going.

The app literally cheers you whenever you receive a Facebook like or comment related to your running activity thus pushing you to go forward and run strong until the end. Nike + also teamed up with Spotify so you can have an easier access to your favorite music while running.

2. MyFitnessPal

This app is interesting as it is both a nutrition and a workout one. If you are on a diet or a lifestyle change larger plan including the combination of dieting and exercising, this app may be what you are looking for. It tracks more than just your calories (consumed and burned), but it also breaks them down into categories: fat, protein, carbohydrates, sugar, and more. You just log in your food and the app tells you how you stand in terms of what you added to your nutrition plan.

The app keeps your nutrition and your workout stats in the same place, helping you keep track of them in the same time and alerting you about how many calories you have left (to eat or to lose).

3. Charity Miles

How about running not just for your own health and well being, but for the sake of the less fortunate ones? Charity Miles is not your regular running app, but it adds a social and charity component to your exercise routine. For every mile you ran, the app donates 25 cents to a preselected participating charity of your choice.

This is more than just tracking your distances, this means doing good in the world by simply keeping up with your fitness program. If this is not motivational, we don’t know what is.

4. RunKeeper

Running may be a solo activity, but it is more fun, motivational and challenging when you share it with other running buddies. RunKeeper is an app mostly dedicated to groups that run together or whose members keep each other on track, especially if they train for competitions or marathons.

RunKeeper offers training plans created by expert coaches to help you push into the next gear. Moreover, it helps you share your progress and results within your social circle and see how you stack up against your running buddies.

5. Red Panic Button

This app plays on the safety side and it is suitable not only for runners, but for all people traveling, driving, cycling and so on. The Red Panic Button is useful for solo runners who may find themselves in threatening contexts for one reason or another. The app allows the user to send a distress message to a preset list of emergency contacts revealing his GPS location.

The app is extremely useful for those suffering a running injury and needing immediate attention or for those who get lost or find themselves in a potentially dangerous situation.

What running app do you use? Do you find these useful or do you have other recommendations?

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