4 Safety Apps to Improve Your Lifestyle


4 Safety Apps to Improve Your Lifestyle

Apps are more than just entertainment, information or life made faster and easier. There are plenty of apps out there which can contribute to your friends’ and family safety – either they drive, go for a run, come home at night after a party or are suffering from various health conditions. Let’s see today four important apps you can tell your friends about and use together in a network to improve your lifestyle.

1. Drunk Mode

This app keeps you and your friends connected during a night out by allowing you to keep track of each other via GPS. A special app feature also shows you and them all the places you went the night of the party. As a special component, the app also keeps you from drunk dialing by blocking a handful of select numbers you cannot call up for 12 hours.

2. Red Panic Button

Speaking of panic alerts, the Red Panic Button is also available for smartwatches, making things even easier and faster. The Panic Button is an app that allows a person to send a distress message to a preset list of emergency contacts. The message sent by the app contains an alert and the exact GPS location of the person sending the distress signal. There are countless of situations when a friend or a family member needs immediate attention (or even a search & rescue intervention) and the Red Panic Button can turn into a life saving app for you or your close ones.

3. TrueMotion

While driving and the use of smartphones is not something we would encourage, TrueMotion is more than the eye can see. The app, in fact, keeps a family engaged in safe driving by tracking all distracting and risky driving behaviors. Increasing such awareness (as the app scores your and your family members’ trips, ranks each driver and sends the results to all family members) results in a reduction of users’ driving distraction by 75%.

4. Food Additives 2

Now this is an app we all should be more aware about and use more often. The app tells the user about food additives that represent risk potential, providing a list of dangerous additives, information and rankings of their risk levels, dangers associated with the maximum daily intake, side effects and so on. This is an amazing app for people with allergies, parents who are conscious about their kids’ diets, self-aware people trying to follow a healthier lifestyle or people following specific diets and nutrition programs.

Do you use any of these apps? Have you tried to make the best out of them together with your friends and family members? Are they a good addition to a safer, better life style?

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