4 Accessories to Make Your Biking Routine Safer


4 Accessories to Make Your Biking Routine Safer

A biking routine is probably one of the most rewarding physical activities one can engage in: it is extremely healthy for your body and mind, ecologically friendly and has the power to bring people together, making you new friends and opening a world of opportunities for you to discover. Biking sustains jobs, hobbies and training – but, to say the truth, it is not only the safest activity of them all. Traffic aside, there are some things that can happen to you while biking, from flat tires to getting lost in a neighborhood you are not familiar with.

1. The Garmin Rearview and GPS

As a biker, you have been probably tailgated more than once – it is definitely not fun but utterly dangerous from all points of view. The Garmin Rearview is a tail light that will flash and brighten up every time a car gets way too close to you. When paired with the Garmin GPS device the GPS will alert you through a series of beeps if a car is about to bump into you.

2. Pebble Smartwatch

joannaThis classic activity tracker will not only keep you fit and track your activity, but with the current Red Panic Button app integration it will also keep you safe. While the advantages of wearing a Pebble when you bike and engage in sports and other exercises are too many to count here, the benefits of having a Panic Button app at all times should be taken into consideration. The smartphone app allows you to send a distress message to a preset list of emergency contacts in case you find yourself in a dire situation: you get injured, lost or face a street crime situation. The app sends a GPS location for your friends and family to find you quicker, alert the competent authorities in case you are injured and find you in time.

3. The Noke Bike Lock

The U-Lock released by Noke can be unlocked only by a code registered within the afferent app. The unlocking occurs via Bluetooth with the help of your smartphone. Some say that bike thieves can go through any lock, but this one seems to be solid and overprotected by the app. In case you don’t own a smartphone, the Noke lock also comes with a key fob helping you unlock the contraption.

4. SmartHalo

SmartHalo turns your bike into a smart device from many points of view. It is a device you can mount on middle of your handlebars. The device shows you when to turn left or right and when you reach your destination. Of course, it is paired with an app that has GPS functions. The app, however, also has some interesting features as well: it tracks your traveled distance, calories burnt and even elevation. The SmartHalo also comes with a built-in front light that brightens up when it gets dark and turns off after you stopped pedaling – in a given amount of time.

These are just a few gadgets that turn your biking experience into a safer, more pleasurable one and definitely smarter. How do you tune up your bike to make it more fun and secure?

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