3 Reasons You Need a Safety App for Your Organization


3 Reasons You Need a Safety App for Your Organization

If recent history taught us something, it was that people and organizations are equally exposed to accidents, violence, terrorist attacks and a wide range of felonies, including breaking and entering, theft and many others.

Public venues in Paris, Mali, San Bernardino and others have been the target of attacks lately, emphasizing once again that one cannot be too safe in our modern world, unfortunately.

Enhancing security systems and measures, relying on the authorities and doubling the efforts to educate the general population on how to act, intervene and stay safe during such events can only take us so far. We need even more safety nets for ourselves and the people we love, and this is where safety apps and panic apps come into play.

We can all begin our quest in the search for better safety measures by acknowledging the fact that mobile phones are more than a constant part in our lives, they are veritable limbs and appendages of our bodies.

We go nowhere without a smartphone these days and luckily for everybody, these small gadgets don’t help us just communicate, but strengthen our security as well. Installing a safety app on your organization’s employees’ phones is probably one of the best investments you will make this year.

Here are three major reasons why all your staff and collaborators should benefit from a panic app installed on their phones.

1. A panic app reaches tens of people at the same time, effortlessly

Let’s take the Red Panic Button app as an example: it is easy to use and takes out effort and wasted time out of the equation. Whenever somebody is in a stressful situation, the fully automated app lets the user press a big red button widget on the phone’s screen, sending a distress call to a preset list of emergency contacts. Other safety apps work in similar manners, allowing the sender to have his message delivered to tens of people in the same time in a second.

The Panic Button usually contains a call for help together with the exact GPS location of the sender, thus triggering and facilitating a fast and efficient search and rescue operation.

2. Panic apps can send alerts in the most discrete of manners

Just like the silent alarms in banks, panic apps use distress calls in a very quiet and discrete manner. We all know that in some dire situations the presence of people shouldn’t be given away to attackers or perpetrators. Silent and covert operations are critical in life and death situations. Talking on the phone in some such scenarios is definitely out of the question.

Panic apps do, however, keep you safe and ease help responses from people and authorities. The message can be sent in complete silence, thus enhancing your chances to stay safe until help arrives.

3. Panic apps can be easily integrated with other gadgets or services

Imagine having a group of colleagues working late in the building when some perpetrators decide to break in your corporate office and steal documents, money or prototypes. Using their phones, your colleagues can alert security, managers, friends and family members about the situation thus increasing their chances of saying safer and have the authorities intervene to remove the threat. But a Panic Button can do even more than that.

The Red Panic App perfectly integrates with the Pebble smart watch, for even easier and faster usage. In some countries across the world, the Red Panic app is also directly connected to emergency service providers (Police, Ambulance etc) in order to render search and rescue operations even faster and more efficient.

Have you ever considered investing in panic / safety apps for your organization and staff? Will you consider it for the future?

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