3 Altruistic New Year Resolutions for Self-improvement


3 Altruistic New Year Resolutions for Self-improvement

Here we are at the beginning of a new year, eager to live better lives, be successful, see our dreams come true, witness the life / career improvements we wish upon ourselves and our loved ones.  But 2017 is said to be the year of more altruistic resolutions that go beyond the realm of our individual and personal life and well being. Let’s face it, the world isn’t a magical place where nothing wrong happens.

We deal with troubled times all over the globe, with challenges hard to overcome and with plenty of unprecedented situations. This is why today we will list some of the most interesting New Year resolutions we learned from people around us – which overpass the regular “I am going to keep a diet this year” or “I will find a better job”. Today we will take a look at the world and at some truly altruistic resolutions because, let’s face it, we can actually become the change we want to see in the world.

  1. Volunteering for Important Causes

Did you get really bothered about last year’s refugee situation or how authorities managed a disaster situation? Do you think that climate change really needs to be taken seriously before we all get drowned or scorched by our own ignorance? Do you think that bringing fresh water to Africa is something to be concerned about?

Some people decided they will not be passive anymore and volunteer for causes they deem important on a national or global level. Sure, dieting and moving up on the professional ladder are important, but stop, think and decide if you want to make the world you live in a better place for you, your loved ones and people less fortunate than you. Some people volunteer, others donate time and money to become part of something greater.

  1. Leaving the Couch for One Day

At first this may sound like “exercise more” which by all means and purposes is a resolution we should all take to the heart and implement starting right now. But from the altruistic and the “make the world a better place” point of view, this resolution refers to protesting for important causes instead of passively watching events unfold from the comfort of your couch.

Did politicians cross the line in 2016? Do you think animal cruelty should be completely erased? Are you sick and tired of learning about the tragedies of domestic abuse victims? Do you feel that respecting human rights is not quite what it used to be? One resolution we found particularly interesting is leaving the couch and going out there in the streets to speak your mind and maybe make a change for the greater good of your people and mankind.

  1. Keeping Everybody Around a Little Safer

Granted, this is a rather utopian resolution, but we can see where it is coming from. With so many dangers, terrorist attacks, political and social turmoil and violence going on every day all over the world, keeping your close ones safer is indeed a new year’s resolution that deserves more attention.

Some people take self defense classes, others install surveillance systems in their homes, others use safety apps like the Red Panic Button to be safer and help their family and friends get the help they need.

So what are your altruistic resolutions for this year? What decisions have you made to ignite change or become a more proactive citizen of the world?

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