15 Pieces of Advice that May Save Your Life One Day


15 Pieces of Advice that May Save Your Life One Day

We might not know this (or rather not think about it), but our everyday lives are in constant danger. Considering that household accidents are one of the top reasons for peoples’ health problems or even death or that a fall on the stairs in the supermarket can tremendously negatively impact your life, we have to be aware that we can never be too careful.

Today we will take a quick look on 15 tips and advice that may save your life one day.

  1. In a self-defense situation, hold your keys as a knife, not in between your fingers as a knuckle-duster. It takes less time to get the keys in this position and you risk less to harm your fingers.

  2. Always make a phone call or pretend to make one whenever you get into a taxi, no matter how nice the cabbie looks. Make sure the driver hears you telling somebody you will arrive in the next minutes at the destination and don’t forget to casually slip the car’s number in the conversation. If you forgot to call somebody, having a panic button like Red Panic Button at hand can help your emergency list get to you ASAP.

  3. If you drive alone in the car make sure it is safely locked from the inside and no one can reach through your open window to grab a purse, a wallet or a laptop from the right seat.

  4. Pay attention to people’s remarks. If a stranger makes unsolicited affirmations (“I will not harm you”, “I will not touch you” etc) you can safely assume he will do exactly that. Statements like that should always ring your suspicion bell and you should put as much distance as possible between you and that person.

  5. Whenever you spend time outdoors, beware of ticks. A tick bite is nothing you can take lightly, as it can cause Lyme Disease or various forms of encephalitis. Make sure you remove the tick correctly and pay your doctor an emergency visit.

  6. Always have a Panic Button app installed on your phone. In case you get lost, find yourself in a distress situation, have a health crisis at home or suffered a household accident, such a panic app can save your life by alerting your loved ones about your problem and your current location, thus making a search and rescue operation a lot easier and more efficient.

  7. House fires are major death-causing household accidents especially because of the smoke. If you smell smoke in the house, get on the floor and try crawling out of the apartment or house, otherwise you risk getting intoxicated and passing out.

  8. Learn a few first-aid tricks to save your life or the life of others. For example, cough powerfully if you feel your heart is in trouble or learn how to clean a wound and bandage it properly until you get medical attention. There are plenty of health-related tricks you can use on yourself in a dire situation to get you out of an unpleasant situation.

  9. Keep some well-hid money on you for emergencies. You can hide some bills inside your phone’s case or in your sock (if you go out jogging, cycling and so on). You never know when you need a fast cab, some medicine or anything else that requires urgent use of money.

  10. If you are in a car accident and you can’t get the door open to get out (smashed car, sinking car), pull the headrest up and use its metallic prongs to smash the window of the car so you can go out. Headrests can be pulled up easily as they come together with the proper mechanisms and the metallic rods generate enough force to break through the door window or the windshield.

  11. Don’t ever keep your hands in your pockets when you are climbing or descending stairs. In case you fall your hands need to be free to grab the handrail or to naturally stretch forward to protect your face and forehead from an injury. If you slip on your back, your hands can also protect you as you might fall against your elbows and not your head.

  12. If you have to share an elevator with a person you find suspicious, take the stairs. It is better to be safe than sorry.

  13. In case you get stabbed accidentally (or not) and the object is still there, do not remove it unless it blocks an airway. The object actually keeps the blood inside and if you remove it you risk severe blood loss.

  14. No matter how safe you feel in a public, crowded space, make sure you quickly identify the exits. Be it a cinema, a conference room, a supermarket and so on, make sure you know where the nearest exit is.

  15. Keep your phone away while you are driving, crossing the road, walking or even sitting at a restaurant table. You need to pay attention to traffic, pedestrians and people in a public place, so minimize your texting and speaking in such situations.

There are plenty of other safety tricks out there that can save your life some day. Are you using any of these? Do you have more to rely on?

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