10 safety tips for airline travelers


10 safety tips for airline travelers

Despite recent unfortunate events, flying is still the safest means of transportation in the world. But whether you travel for business or for pleasure, there are some safety tips you should keep in mind – besides the ones instructed by the professionals on board. Before anything else, make sure you follow the airline’s guides and protocol, together with the airport regulations as well. But let’s see some personal safety tips to remember before you book your next flight!

  1. Put your luggage in the overhead bin across the aisle you sit in so you can perfectly keep an eye on it and see if somebody is trying to open up your bag during the flight.
  2. Dress first for comfort and secondly for safety. Ladies should wear trousers, because in case of an emergency, the safety slide is made of a very rough material while the end features strips of Velcro, so skirts or dresses might get torn apart at the end of the slide ride. The best clothes to wear in planes are the ones made of cotton, denim, leather or wool, as they offer you the best protection against heat or fire.
  3. Carry a pen flashlight in your handbag in case of an emergency and no other light sources are available.
  4. To avoid different health issues, avoid drinking too much alcohol and caffeinated drinks during your flight.
  5. If you are wearing eyeglasses, secure them with a strap and bring on a second pair in case they get damaged or stolen.
  6. Have your Certificate of Vaccination-ICV, passport, ID, Visa, and travel / health insurance at hand in case something should happen. Also – and this is quite important – list your blood type on your passport or at least carry a paper stating your blood type and RH together with donor’s information (in case you are one).
  7. To make sure your chances increase should something happen, also carry a smoke hood to give you extra time to breathe filtered air during an escape.
  8. Always carry a paper listing of all your belongings in all your bags in case something goes missing after an inspection and never carry something that might embarrass you – these days, bags and luggage are quite often open at random and controlled by the authorities.
  9. In case you notice someone behaving oddly during the flight, discretely notify the flying attendants and the pilot. Don’t play hero, real threatening situations are not quite like the movies. There are rules and protocols to be followed and your personal intervention may lead to worse results. Keep calm no matter what.
  10. Listen to what the flying attendants are telling you and do exactly what they tell you when they tell you in an emergency situation. You may need to fasten your seat-belt or stay put in your seat, use the oxygen mask or use your life jacket or floatation device. Such “orders” and “requests” are meant to save your life, so ask questions later!

Don’t forget to pack everything you need to stay safe no matter where you go (separate copies of your papers, passport, visa, documents and insurance), take some helping apps with you (a Red Panic Button for travel safety and some GPS-based apps to find your way in crowded tourist destinations) and enjoy your flight and your trip!

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