Festival season has begun: use this app to stay safe and find your friends


Festival season has begun: use this app to stay safe and find your friends

Summer is the festival season and people from all walks of life gather together to share a passion for music, art, gastronomy, cinema, theater or other forms of entertainment. But usually festivals are crowded, confusing places, where it is easier to get lost or end up in a stressful situation than get a cold drink. And if you are attending a festival in another city or country, things can get messy really fast. Luckily for everybody, the Red Panic Button app can help you go through a stressful situation and stay safe no matter where you are.

What are the worst things that can happen at a festival, you ask? The most obvious answer is solar exposure and its later health negative impact. You can suddenly feel dizzy, cold and confused, stuck in a crowd of people you don’t know, not able to tell anyone or receive immediate attention. Dehydration, headaches, digestive issues, accidental cuts and bruises – they are all possible problems that occur during such manifestations. You can get also lost in a sea of people, not knowing the direction you need to take to find your friends or the closest exit. Should we even begin discussing festival-related drinking and hangovers?

Having a panic app can be of great help at a festival

What do you do when you find yourself in a crisis, be it related to worrying health signs or getting lost in the crowd? While a panic attack won’t help you, a Panic Button app will. The Red Panic Button is a smartphone application looking like a big red button on the screen. Push it when you are in need of help and the app will send your contact lists a distress call also containing your location coordinates. In a crowd people need to find you quick and easy, and this app will tell them exactly where you are. This way they can find you and attend to your needs – maybe save your life if you experience severe health symptoms.

The Panic Button however does more than sending an SMS to the friends you went partying with. It can also send the same distress call on your Twitter profiles – thus alerting more people that something is wrong and that you or somebody else needs help.

Always be on the safe side of things

Attending all summer festivals is a great way of spending your free time with your closest friends, but they also come with some risks. It is not unheard of people getting suddenly sick or fainting because of heat, lack of food or sleep, dehydration or alcohol abuse, it is not unheard of accidents, people getting into spontaneous fights, all sorts of petty thefts and so on. Why ruin your summer? Get your own Red Panic Button app and stay safe, healthy and close to the ones you came with – no matter your age, precaution is still the best intervention!

Have fun at festivals with the Red Panic Button! It may even save your life and will truly prove useful in case of uncontrolled events, such as sudden heavy rains and floods, earthquakes or human-caused incidents.

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