Life with Disabilities – How can the Red Panic Button Help?


Life with Disabilities – How can the Red Panic Button Help?

Life with disabilities can sometimes be even harder than one can imagine – safety wise. Besides the inherent struggles of compensating an impairment or another, disabled people are also vulnerable to all sorts of dangers, even if they live on their own or together with family or caregivers. Luckily for everybody, today’s technology made sure that people with disabilities live comfortably, providing them with certain apps and software meant to increase their quality of life.

No matter the specifics of a disability, there are apps that can help people get their way through life in a meaningful manner. There are apps for the visually impaired that offers reliable information about the surroundings. There are apps helping people get food delivery faster and easier, text-to-speech and speech-to-text apps and software and so on.

But going back to the safety issue, the life of a person with a disability is a constant challenge. Listed among some of the best rated apps for disabled people, the Red Panic Button is not only a game changer for non-impaired adults and children, but a life changer for people with disabilities, no matter the type.

Imagine a person in a wheelchair falling in the house or experiencing a home accident or some health issues. Or a person with a learning disability getting lost in an unfamiliar part of the city. Imagine a person with hearing and speech disabilities trying to get back home without being able to ask for directions. Visualize a person being completely vulnerable in the face of street violence, sudden illness outbreaks, scams and cons, and so on.

Disabilities-oriented technology

The Red Panic Button, as it was mentioned by specialists in disabilities-oriented technology, can help disabled people to “gain more independence and security”. The simple push of the red button widget on a smartphone’s screen sends a text message containing a distress call and a Google Maps location to a pre-set list of emergency contacts. The message can also contain a photo attachment or a voice record. Available for both Android and iOS, the Panic Button app can turn into a life saver for many disabled people. They can rapidly disclose their whereabouts to their close ones, thus facilitating search and rescue in case one gets lost. Also, by pressing the Panic Button, concerned family members can rush home to help and support a disabled person suffering from a home accident or the powerful symptoms of an illness.

People with disabilities have the right to a high quality of life and all standards of normality that the other ones enjoy naturally. Safety is one of these rights, together with the ability of alerting caregivers in a fast and efficient manner whenever something feels wrong. The Red Panic Button offers people an extended level of freedom, independence and a deeper sense of security, at home and in the streets.

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